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Misleading food labels


Oh dear - I’m with @vax2000 - POOdle loose in the factory maybe?


I have mentioned this before about food especially slices bought from iga. cherry sliceit tasted nothing like cherries in fact the ingredients didnt even mention cherries. i have no idea how they get away with it.i feel like reporting them. Someone needs to do something about these manufacturers with how shonky they are.


Its about time choice something is done to investigate food manufacturers.?


While not people food, you might be interested in


iga are liars about certain products i have purchased ok.i have had another look ok on the packaging of this cherry slice bought from iga ok. it has a description of “A PERFECT COMBINATION OF CHERRIES AND COCONUT AND CHOCOLATE”.and whn i looked on the ingredients not a single ingredient of cherries mentioned. It only says flours and colors that is all.This is rally just annoying me so much how they can get away from doing it. ?


No coconut or chocolate either? Nor the word ‘flavour’ in small print?

You might take a picture of the labelling and ingredients list and post it on the Shonky 2018 Watch List thread

and send it to The Checkout at


actually i wasn’t looking for the chocolate in the ingredients but i have looked and it is a lie to there is no chocolate listed in the ingredients.


it says on the label “taste the difference” maybe it should say when you taste there products you will throw up cos i spat it out what i tried to eat it was disgusting. its like they have tried using a mixture of flavors to give a cherry taste and color for the cherries. and im not so sure about the chocolate how they made that look like chocolate.?


ive tried some iga other slices and there caramel slice is average the hedgehog slice isn’t that great either. some of there cakes are alright whilst others are worse.but that cherry slice is the worst they promote it as if it is a specialist product. I think they need to rewrite the ingredients for sure. maybe ill stick to a traditional baker when buying some of those slices. or make it myself.


@passerbye123, definitely send us some pictures of the labels in question if you get the chance :thumbsup:



Hi there sorry i was not able to type any writing there but i am just able to read the ingredients on the packet ok as i am sure you will be able to also. Only to find out there is no listing of cherries at all when clearly the label says cherry ripe slice i know the label is upside down but anyone can read that. Im not sure what the law states in regards to misleading consumers but im sure something may be able to be done. you are more than welcome to visit any iga store and look for that brand of there slices and check it out yourself and taste it. i actually threw it out in disgust normally i would at least eat the product but that was so bad ok. i feel that they are using a particular flavor to get the taste which tastes nothing like cherries. and for the color maybe it is the same. if you look carefully it does list the flavors and colors listed.? I would be very interested to know what the substitute they are using.Is it possible for choice to do some testing if you were to get the ingredients and maybe replicate something similar unless choice can test the additives.?also the chocolate which was suppose to be on top was not listed in the ingredients.Once again i have no idea what the topping or icing was made out of. I just do not know how these food manufacturers get away with this.


In my opinion this is definitely a shonky product i doubt many of those slices even seem to get bought and no wonder why if they contain fake ingredients. Im sure there are far worse tings out there that worthy being shonky. I have heard before about some food manufacturers doing shoddy or bad practices like if they drop the products the staff just pick it back up and reuse it like there is nothing wrong with it. just letting you know about that.


Hi everyone

I’ve been reading comments against this post with interest.

I’ve just written an article for CHOICE on how much food is in canned food, and while it doesn’t address all of the different issues about misleading food labels that have been raised in this discussion, I thought there was a good chance it might be of interest to some of you :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the results!


Wow, that’s unreal @passerbye123. Thanks so much for the photo - I’ll add it into the Shonkys 2018 pile and flag it with my colleagues. Feel free to send through any others you notice :thumbsup:


That’s pretty outrageous - coconut yes, but where are the cherries and chocolate?! Presumably in the ‘flavours’ at the end of the ingredients list. Not good enough!!


Maybe the cherry relates to the colour…however the package does say a ‘perfect combination of cherries, coconut and chocolate’.

Maybe their idea of a perfect combination is coconut with artifical cherry and chocolate flavours.


Yes i totally agree with what you are saying there about the product.actually as i complained to iga on facebook they messaged me saying what store i bought it from etc it shows complaining on social media can effect these business. I still think it is pretty bad especially when they are selling the product and a consumer is paying for it.I must admit most food items i buy i wouldn’t usually go to all that extreme in complaining. I have noticed another product i have purchased from iga but it is not a iga item they just happen to sell it there, it is a banana bread which had no bananas in it either.It was some kind of artificial or type of flavor.but as i say usually i just buy things i guess like most people and it tastes normal enough. but that cherry slice really is a shocker for taste and considering they used a red colored food dye to give the effect of cherries.Im suprised it actually had coconut in it and i could taste the desiccated coconut so that seemed real from what i could tell.


Go and purchase the product it is supposed to be a premium label so it says the chocolate is not even real its like they are trying to fool people with this kind of advertising.?and the color was a pinkish reddish color.


If i go back and find the other non iga brand of banana bread i would send that through to. i was totally blown away with that product also had no bananas listed in the cake.the banana bread didn’t taste anywhere near as bad as the cherry slice at least the banana cake was a cake still. i find it still misleading saying it is banana bread when its not.