Milo on top or bottom? Cast your vote! 🥛

If you’re a Milo drinker, how do you make it? Do you add Milo to the bottom then add milk? Or do you add it to the top? Vote in our poll and add your method below.

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Option #3 I don’t eat Milo. {As a child I put it on the top as you could then eat it with a spoon.}

Now the great and momentous topics are behind us. Nearly time to dress down and have a pub lunch where we gossip about office affairs and office politics, and discuss trivia, TGIF.


Not a drinker myself but my spouse likes a hot Nestle® Milo™ drink in the evening. The Milo gets put on the bottom before the hot water and a little milk is added. No extra sugar added as the product already has large amounts of that added.


Always on the bottom - dissolve in hot water, then add milk. My kids always liked it on top though! Don’t buy it any more: it gets too old in the tin & turns hard.


Option #4. Ovaltine.


I don’t use water. Heat milk in microwave, add Milo on top, spoon in and stir. Since shop prices vary wildly, I buy up only at $1 per 100 gm or less.


50/50 in a food processor with a true ice-cream - then add a little milk for a milo thickshake.

warning - not a weight loss aid.


I don’t drink it but I just saw my wife making one.

Milo in the bottom of the glass with a small amount of hot water to dissolve it, then topped with cold milk today.

Hot milk when the weather is cold.


Like cocoa and instant coffee, I have it in bottom of glass or cup, with a little milk or water to dissolve it completely, and then I
add hot water or hot milk or cold milk. I only add some on top if not strong enough.


It would be at least 30+ years since having Milo. Don’t particularly miss it and it may be another 30 years before I partake in it again.

I prefer unadulterated milk instead as a regular drink (icy cold on a hot day or hot on cool night). If anything is added, it is vanilla essence, molasses or something a bit stiffer as a rare treat.

So this little munchkin is unable to vote.


And when you want a bit more kick from your Milo.


Most certainly well over 40 years since I had it as a child, and I think Mum only bought one can of it, as my brother and I didn’t particularly like it, much preferring Aktavite, which wasn’t so sugary, or at least didn’t appear to be.
These days I only drink cacao as a chokky drink, added first and dissolved in soy, almond or rice milk, usually with a banana mashed in and home made yoghurt.


I make my chocolate drinks like I make my coffee. Milo or other chocolate drink in the cup then hot water then milk.


Now this depends entirely whether I plan on making a drink, or if I plan on pretending to make a drink as a ploy to eating spoonfuls of Milo. In the latter case, adding it to the top is ideal, because in a cold cup of milk it will never dissolve, thus forcing me to eat the undissolved Milo with a spoon.
If, however, I really want a cup of Milo as a drink, then adding it either first or last in hot milk allows it to dissolve. Sometimes I have been known to bypass the milk stage altogether.


I add about 3 tsp to a mug, fill it with cold milk. Nuke it for 35 seconds, stir, then nuke it for 95 seconds. Always comes out well. I don’t drink it cold. Summer I drink water.


I put Milo on Vanilla ice cream as a topping . Sometimes I add the ice cream and milo in a blender and blitz it to make a Milo Thickshake .


Milo vs Aldi’s NRG - we put them to the test:


Milo does not rate any more, although guilty as it was one of our kids favourites. They preferred lots added on top as well as mixed through. The wonders of sugar as a health food, sorry addictive substance?

Of course we all know real hot chocolate, is a very different type of product, and so much less healthy. Thank you Milo. :rofl:

Drinking chocolate or cocoa including solid product can give a better result. Sugar /salt content to needs and taste.

I dissolve the preferred chocolate in hot water first, before adding milk for a hot or cold drink. Followed by a quick nuke for a hot chocolate.

Some of us no doubt come from the days of real chocolate health tonics, available from the Chemist. Although I suspect Aktavite was probably even more expensive than Milo and no more necessary for good health than Milo. An early form of the essential supplemental health products mantra and mind washing advertising.

The real benefit to health was probably in the full cream pasteurised gold topped milk.


My cousin used to fill the mug with milo and add about two cm of milk on top then stir to make crunchy mud. He was my favourite older cousin so when he showed me how the cold milk lost its temperature during the mixing process I was impressed by his superior junk food knowledge. He never spilled any of it either. It got me interested in chemistry.

I like milo cold, two teaspoons in first and stired into cold milk until it floated in chunks at the top. But I found that it gave me headaches pretty soon after drinking it, when I had it after school regularly for a while. Not much puts me off food but I couldn’t stand drinking it after that.

And as the word rego is short for car registration in Australia, I used to wonder what milo was short for? I remember reading the lable all the way around the tin trying to figure it out.