Milk Chocolate Reviews

We’ve blind taste tested and compared 24 supermarket milk chocolate blocks, results are below. How did your favourite rank? Our review is focused on widely available products, but we’d also love to hear about any chocolates you have tried that are not included.


What was really surprising was the less than 50% scored by one very well known big brand. Also a surprise is that unit pricing bears no relationship to the outcome for many of the products

More a fan of dark chocolate.


My favourite ranked near the top (not saying where at the top). And the price is easier on the pocket than many of lesser quality and dearer prices.


Don’t eat milk chocolate blocks - milk chocolate doesn’t float my boat. If I do have a rare chocolate piece, it is a very high cocoa (>90%) dark chocolate late at night with a hot milk.


I love dark chocolate but it no longer loves me, so I have milk chocolate or none :frowning:

This was an eye opener. I initially wondered why there was no sort option on taste but the taste scores seem to reflect the ordering of the ‘expert score’.


Compared to wine where one drinkers preference for Shiraz is not assured to be the same as the next, how subjective is taste?

The experts in wine can award 94 points to the same varietal from two very different vineyards. One might be priced at 2-3 times the premium of the other. Really, truely!

Obviously the same applies to chocolate. From the Choice review I know where I’m going for the family chocoholics favourite.


Precious? The composition of the expert rating …is an overall score made up of 90% taste (35% flavour, 35% texture, 5% aroma and 25% appearance) and 10% nutrition (based on the Health Star Rating, calculated from the details in the nutrition information panel and converted to a percentage).

Some might not care as much about non-taste sensory aspects so it seems taste would have been an interesting sort. I should have posted ‘flavour’ rather than ‘taste’.


You’re right. I’ve edited my comment . Apologies, it can be read another way.


Choice needs to update and review aldi chocur larger blocks. I am absolutely convinced aldi has improved the large blocks of chocolate. Caramel and peanut blocks are delicious. A number of years ago the blocks tasting different. Also the price is cheaper than alternative brands eg cadbury and nestle