Miele - Very Bad Experiences

At Choice’s recommendation, I purchased the top rating Miele G 7319 SCU XXL dishwasher at the cost of almost $3000:

You can see my January review, and it’s a pretty good dishwasher all told. However, Miele Australia is a train-wreck in terms of customer support.

Some examples:

  1. We recently have to log a service call. The first available technician was OVER A MONTH AWAY. When I phoned up Miele, I was told this was because the technician in my area was “very busy” and “only works Tuesday and Thursday”. When I explained, respectfully, that this was not my problem, but theirs as a premium brand to resolve, I was told there was nothing they could do. They did explain I could take the dishwasher into one of their “service partners” - hmmm. I didn’t quite see this as practical, given it’s installed into my kitchen!
  2. Orders of Powerdiscs from Miele take an awful long time, sometimes weeks. They’re the only place you can buy them.
  3. The order process was very difficult, and we waited months. Yes, there were supply chain issues, and COVID, so I do have some sympathy and did excuse this in my original post. However, neither really justify the above continuing problems.

I’ve had Westinghoiuse, Fisher and Paykel appliances and Aldi appliances. All companies could get a technician to me in under a week, two at the most. I don’t see why Miele, a supposedly premium brand selling a $3000 dishwasher, can’t. I also don’t think they should be trying to tell their customers that their inability to run a support organisation is the customer’s problem.

In short: shonky.


Hi @ianf123, welcome to the community. You aren’t the only consumer who has found Miele’s customer service lacking. It is disappointing that a brand which portrays its products as being of high quality, they struggle to get post sales support right.

It might be worth exploring this onseller:

as an alternative.