Message in 101 Telstra service

During the recent election campaign I got a few messages on my Telstra 101 service asking me to press 1or 2 according to my preferred Prime Minister.
I ignored them, but was surprised at the set-up: should’nt I be the only one able to retrieve my messages from my landline phone? How would they get in to find out which option I had chosen?
Any Ideas?

Your “voting selection” on the keypad would have only been received if you had answered the phone when it first rang. The instructions went straight to voicemail so all you have is a recording of what they asked you to do.

Now when you press 1 or 2, those instructions will go back to the Telstra 101 service only and do whatever 1 or 2 normally does. For example, “1” might be to play that recorded message again.

Thank you,@wombat1.
I did suspect that it was their automated message reacting to the phone being unswered by my voicemail.
It’s just that I’m rattled by receiving so many research and telemarketing calls!
Even though I’m on the DNC register the calls come from a different number each time and mostly from interstate, some time from overseas!

@Gaby if you are on the DNC register, you shouldn’t be receiving calls from telemarketers or market researchers, if you are you can lodge a complaint here. However, registered charities and political parties are exempt and they can still contact you unsolicited even if your number is on the DNC register. I’m also on the DNC register and the only unsolicited calls I receive are from charities. I always try to be polite because fundraising is a tough gig but gosh they have a knack for calling at the most inconvenient times!

Thank you,@Iarah.
When I moved in my flat the phone kept ringing even though I hadn’t given my new number to anyone yet! So I got the Number Display Service on and called them back: it was an online power company. I then registred with DNC and after making a few complaints the calls got fewer. But there have been 62 calls this year alone and each from different numbers that I can see from the Internet have been annoying other subscribers too.
Now I choose not to answer calls from interstate or from overseas or from a number that hasn’t been entered in my Phone Book.

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We are so had it with charity calls that we have unplugged the landline and just quote the landline number and email. We have a short list that we donate every year plus big di