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Mesh Router Review

I refer to the test of the Asus AX6600 system. It shows speed from Origin as 386Mbps and speed from Extended Location as 394Mbps.

My question is how it can be faster at the remote node?


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How indeed? Perhaps a little matter of testing metrics and statistical error. Less than 1% difference is in the realm of who cares and the actual results could be different by 1% either way making the O speed actually faster than the EL speed.


One thing that’s is never told to you by the retailers, is that as your phone line now comes through NBN you have to retain the modem issued by your provider, unless you don’t want a line lane anymore.
So the Mesh routers that have been reviewed must plug into the existing modem, they don’t replace it


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Good points.

As you wrote, extenders/mesh products are a different product/topic than VOIP.

However that is only partly true in that some RSPs require their customers to use their supplied and locked up modem-router, others are happy for BYO/VOIP customers and provide configuration help, and there are VOIP appliances that attach to ethernet, WiFi, and USB for those preferring BYO modem-routers or routers without native VOIP; there are many options if one has a BYO friendly RSP.

The customer needs to understand technical things rarely encountered by the average person pre-NBN. Many of the retail sales people don’t know what RSPs do and don’t require their own kit to provide VOIP service so customers don’t know until confronted with the how to part of installation.


Hi @Phil_H,

Thanks for your question. I asked our product testers about this case and they mentioned it could be within the realms of negligible difference. They also had this to say:

The node must have found a more efficient path to the router from the longer distance in our test environment at the time. That one is one of the better products because it dedicates one 5GHz band to the connection between the nodes. I think it’s more about how you might not notice any performance degradation from close and far distances (within reason) when using this product.

Hope that helps! Here’s the review for reference in case other forum readers want to check it out.


I’m with Aussie BB, and according to the installer, he was with NBN Co. and his job was to do installations using NBN modems.