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Mercedes-Benz GPS Updates

I recently put my Mercedes in for its second service and request they update my GPS at the same time. On collection, the Service Manager advised that this was not possible as Mercedes Australia and NZ no longer have contracts with Garmin and I would have to contact Garmin direct if I wanted to update my system. I was not happy with this response and asked if all Mercedes up to the current model were driving around with out-of-date GPS systems. Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd responded by saying that I would contact my local Parts Division who should advise that a 2018/19 Garmin map update is available by purchasing an SD Card (MB Part No. A2189060804). I did this and was advised that the cost of a SD Card would be $300 at cost. I asked if this SD Card would be able to be updated in future years. This he could not tell me. I also asked if I were to purchase my own SD Card and update it direct from Garmin, would it work. Again he was unable to advise me.
Is anyone else out there having a similar problem. I have a life subscriber membership with Garmin for my portable GPS which I am able to plug into my power socket in the car.


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