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Melioidosis Warning

I spent the last 3 nights in hospital during the past week next to a patient who contracted Melioidosis whilst gardening without using gloves and with a cut on his arm.

He told me that he had been in a coma for 46 days during which he dies 4 times and was revived,.and he was still very ill a week after coming out of the coma.

It certainly reinforces the warnings that health authorities provide regarding being very careful whilst gardening in the tropics and to always wear gloves.


Also washing after using these products is important and to ensure any cuts etc are treated rather than ignored.


I also found out about this one since being in Tassie…

It is present in Australia, and while infections are rare, they occur from time to time. Anyone with thorny Roses (or other plants) are at risk.Again wearing good quality gloves may minimise the risk.


An article warning about melioidosis and leptospirosis especially in North Qld.

“Most infections occur when skin abrasions or wounds come into contact with wet soil or water contaminated with the organism.”

Exactly what happened to the patient in the bed next to me last year.

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