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Melanoma Research News

Whilst reading articles on Google News today, I noticed one titled “Online Melanoma Test Could Save Your Life” but it was a Murdock pay-to view article so I Googled the subject and have posted the link below for those of you who may want to check themselves.


I was one of the many people who participated in their research by providing DNA and family cancer histories and other data over years. This Risk Calculator was sent to us in March. While some of the questions are subjective, it still gives a fair indication of the risk. I was at low risk, but I assume if you were at higher risk you would then be motivated to take precautions. The alternative is that Low Risk people then get complacent with a “won’t happen to me” attitude.

Good to see results from years of research.


A couple of articles regarding Melanomas.

Australian males hold the unenviable record of having the highest death rate from Melanomas in the world.


Another article regarding Melanoma treatment research in the latest QIMR Berghofer newsletter.

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Two drugs to treat melanomas added to the PBS.

Over $21 million to assist 2,100 sufferers.

How good is the PBS.

An article regarding antihistamine drugs being trialled to treat melanoma patients.

World first melanoma success in Australia prompts new trial.

A study finds an existing drug is showing promising results in inhibiting melanoma progression.

An article regarding a revolutionary melanoma treatment.