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Meal kit delivery services review



Hi there

This is a poll for anyone here who subscribes to — or would consider subscribing to or previously subscribed to — a meal kit delivery service such as Hello Fresh, Dinnerly, Marley Spoon and Pepper Leaf, where you receive a box containing ingredients and recipe cards and you cook the dishes yourself.

I’m interested to know what’s the main reason you subscribe to — or would consider subscribing to or previously subscribed to — one of these services?

  • To save money
  • To save time
  • To get out of grocery shopping
  • To avoid having to meal plan
  • To minimise food waste
  • To increase my repertoire of recipes that I cook
  • To mix things up and eat more interesting foods
  • Other

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Thanks in advance


… but in reality I’d never do it.


I am the same as @draughtrider, never have and at this stage never plan to use a meal kit delivery service.


Is the poll closed for a reason @rclemons ?? Has time run out?


I’m not sure why the poll was closed @meltam but thanks for flagging that - I’ve re-opened and would love to gather more responses! And if you do complete the poll and your response is ‘other’, please feel free to expland on that in the comments :slight_smile:


I incorrectly voted. Can I change mine to the first one? I misread it. It’s hard to choose just one of those reasons for subscribing to Marley Spoon. I resisted for a long time, but it has been a lifesaver.
The kids now can cook an entire meal on their own.
They are eating food they wouldn’t normally have tried, our food waste is almost zero.
I no longer have to think about what’s for dinner.
No arguments in the house if you say “ well, there’s a choice of 3 meals. Which one do you want ?”

What i don’t like about the delivery service;
is that it comes with a lot of packaging. Little single-use packets of this and that. Quite a bit of single use plastic to keep the ingredients fresh.
Ice packs to keep the food chilled - they can be reused but Marley Spoon doesn’t take them back so we end up with a lot of useless ice bags.
Comes in a large cardboard box that gets thrown away.
Environmentally speaking, I don’t think it’s that great, but convenience-speaking, it’s amazing.


Not to worry, we’ll factor this in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Marley Spoon :+1:


The main reason we started was to save time (both in shopping and cooking) and I’ve voted for that but there were a couple of other important reasons. Both my partner and I were commuting 3hrs per day to work and returning home at 7pm we wanted something quick and easy to prepare (usually not a problem for me) that he could share the meal prep and cooking after a long day.
Worked a treat and he now has greatly improved skills in the kitchen thanks to 6 step recipes and all ingredients in correct quantities supplied AND he has also discovered the relaxation benefits of cooking!
We now longer commute but have continued with 4meals a week making it easy for him to start cooking if home before me.
It also keeps me out of the supermarket after work ‘picking up something for dinner’ lol and that saves money as I would spend more than the cost of a HF meal.


Thanks for those insights @molimu, that’s really useful.


Thanks to everyone who voted in our poll. Here’s our meal delivery box review - bon appetit!


Hardly any difference amongst them percentage wise.


I’ve subbed to precooked meals (Lite’nEasy and Youfoodz) but not to a boxed meal where you still have to do the cooking. I can manage to cook meals without directions or assistance :slight_smile: