McCain Vegetable Fingers

Is this suppose to be an Anglo Saxon farmer that sends his veg to India or is it an Anglo Saxon farming that has a farm in India?
I don’t know what message McCains are trying to get across or maybe they think they can dupe us.
Anyway these are a new product called Vegetable Fingers and I was nearly going to throw them in my shopping basket until I saw they’re not Australian :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Is this the product?

If so the “good food” and “real ingredients” claims are misleading about the healthiness of this product. The nutritional panel at the link is scrambled but I think it is 8% fat (from being fried) and bulked up with carbs from the crumbs and potato (26%), with 6% dextrose (sugar) thrown in just for added height. The salt content is not stated but my guess is that it is fairly high.

Just the thing to get the kids to eat their veges.



Potatoes, carrot and corn and …
a whole bundle of stuff that is not vegetables, unless you consider things like palm oil and bread crumbs vegetables and healthy?

I think we called food like this a potato croquet, although ours were round balls or elongated like a sausage. Of course they contained spring onions or any onion for flavour and we used corn kernels whole. Cheese preferable but optional!

Doubtless adding a little carrot or substituting sweet potato etc, would produce a similar product.

You could omit the crumb and it would be bubble and squeak perhaps. Or shred potato etc and make a rosti styled offering without the crumb.

Looking at the added ingredients in the McCain pack shot, I am however well informed as to why home cooking is so pathetic and tasteless?

It’s all those other ingredients we leave out that McCain put in that makes all the difference. :face_vomiting:

The sarcasm is self evident. Fortunately we are not all kids?