Not ever having used McAfee, but clearly a scam anyway, from: Cvv Jd - cvvjd17@******.com



We get similar ones. Other mojos are Norton, Netflix, magazine etc subscriptions. We also get fake tax invoices from well known and lesser known companies.

A more sophisticated phishing scam where one rings up and gives credit card details to scammers for a refund…or allows access to their online banking.


I would have thought that the absence of sales tax would have been a red flag. :grin:


They are persistent, I received another one today “Your premium account is now operational again”, but the phone number has changed.
This one from the very professional sounding Ch Sh instead of Cvv Jd!


This is another variant on the same scam received today:

If one wants to be scammed, all they have to call is +1 (888) 791-4827 or reply to the email it was sent from which today was Pay_billing-team


A scam on so many levels. I got four of those PayPal/McAfee emails this week

  • Not to an address I use for PayPal
  • Not to an address I have used for McAffee (if I have even ever used McAfee
  • From email address dodgy as
  • From name even worse
  • Got two in five minutes to the same address
  • Try to set up a sense of urgency
  • To address was one picked up in a data breach about four years ago, but is suddenly getting traffic
  • Sales Tax, not GST?
  • Not how PayPal signs off their emails
  • Gmail quite correctly identified it as spam

I could go on, but any of the above is more than enough for me :slight_smile:


Mine have been from:
Fe Ev
Cc Wt
Bx Xy
Nh Xb

Seriously, if it hadn’t already been flagged as spam, those “names” alone are enough to automatically banish them to spam without any further investigation on my part.


I have received at least 6 emails and 3 SMS with the same content. Telstra needs to lift its game


Were the SMS actually from Telstra, or as commonly happens scammers sending mass texts in the hope of snaring someone not yet onto them? Sometimes the scammers’ SMS look very convincing as being from the company.

There are a few web sites describing how to filter spam/scam from legitimate SMS, this being one.

The gold standard when getting a suspect SMS (or email) is to contact the company using their details from one of your bills or their known official web site, not from anything in the SMS. Emails can be easier since they usually (but not always) come from obviously ‘not the company’ email address. SMS are increasingly spoofed to look like they came from the company number.


Sometimes the emails appear to come from yourself, or at least a domain that you own, although I don’t use Microsoft’s email client

From: (my domain)< Microsoft365 Secure >

Mailbox Storage is 97% Full 2/23/2023 11:04:54 a.m. to continue
using gordon See storage guide to free up to 500.55 MB of storage.

Technical Team.

This email was sent to gordon@… .com

Attached was Mailbox Storage Guide.html, which I wont be opening!
They also asked me to enter my password in the email.

Checking the full header, I see it was from “RandiiAndii”


the sms were from unknow sources.
Once I sent them to, things have improved.
thanks for the link to the government site too! I shall add them to my list of recipients for the next scam email

From Kmart today … 172x129

Dear Customer,

Congratulations! We have chosen 150 Australian consumers to
participate in a brief survey of Kmart Australia. All participants
will receive (1) optional reward. Choose between iPhone 14 Pro,
Samsung Galaxy S22 , Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV and
much more.


Remember: 150 randomly selected users received this invitation and the number of gift is limited.

So hurry up!

Customer support

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I get about 6-10 of these every. Single. Day! At least half of them telling me its my last chance!

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I hope you did “hurry up” Charlie-Drake!

Hello Phil T
No they weren’t from Telstra.
I am a Telstra customer that’s why when we see adverts on TV suggesting that they are protecting us, I wonder what they are actually doing!

Got the same one today…