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McAfee Anti-virus Renewal Scam

Whilst browsing the MSN website today and opening links which appeared interesting, I found one which claimed my McAfee Anti-virus subscription expired yesterday…

Most unusual as I have never used McAfee and for more than a decade, I have only used Windows Defender.

As I fully expected, Googling McAfee Scam brought up a number of results including the one below which contains the same image I received today.

It appears that the scum are aiming to obtain users credit crd details when they follow the renewal link.

Presumably it is being done with other anti-virus companies and many other businesses.

I have also had attempted malware attacks 4 times in the last couple of weeks via the MSN website which created a very loud continous tone accompanied by a message that Windows Firewall has detected that Windows 10 has been damaged, but simply closing the browser window (MS Edge 11) takes care of it.


Hiya Fred

I got that one too!

Bast**ds - thank you for the warning!
Cheers Natalie :wink:


Wow. I just got another reminder advising that my McAfee Anti-virus has expired today.

Presumably they must have simply got the expiry date mixed up on their previous advice.



I had another one yesterday.

I don’t know if they have their dates mixed up or my name wrong.

It is Billy, not Silly.

The strange thing is that it always appears shortly after opening an article on the MSN website and it replaces the article

Opening the article again results in the legitimate article being displayed.

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