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McAfee Anti-virus Renewal Scam


Whilst browsing the MSN website today and opening links which appeared interesting, I found one which claimed my McAfee Anti-virus subscription expired yesterday…

Most unusual as I have never used McAfee and for more than a decade, I have only used Windows Defender.

As I fully expected, Googling McAfee Scam brought up a number of results including the one below which contains the same image I received today.

It appears that the scum are aiming to obtain users credit crd details when they follow the renewal link.

Presumably it is being done with other anti-virus companies and many other businesses.

I have also had attempted malware attacks 4 times in the last couple of weeks via the MSN website which created a very loud continous tone accompanied by a message that Windows Firewall has detected that Windows 10 has been damaged, but simply closing the browser window (MS Edge 11) takes care of it.


Hiya Fred

I got that one too!

Bast**ds - thank you for the warning!
Cheers Natalie :wink: