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May Food Challenge - Your Favourite Meat

Your Favourite Meat

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From the earliest times humans have known and consumed animal meat. A good source of Protein, B complex vitamins, Zinc and Iron: all substances which are needed to repair and sustain our body…

Whether you’re a beef or a chicken aficionado, or prefer pork, or lamb…for a chance to receive the Food Champions Award Badge, please share with us:

* What is your favourite meat and …Why?

* What is your favourite way of cooking it?

Congratulations to @zackarii, @Deb, @Sophie, @ccmpl, @kpa26287, @Softy, @uptightoutasight, @Sallymac and @Samuel, you have been awarded a Food Champions Badge for your profile.

Many thanks to all participants of the April challenge for making it a Great One!

From @phb, @vax2000, @Gaby


A no brainer.

Coles Finest Angus Beef Rib Eye Roast.

We cook them on our Weber Family Q and my wife and I get 4 dinners from each one.

The beef is so tender, it virtually melts in your mouth, and the flavour is fantastic.

We eat them with roast potatoes, roast pumpkin, roast sweet potatoes, greens and gravy…

I know a nearby Coles had 6 of them priced at $33/kg and labelled Best Before 06.05.2021…

I am waiting to see if I can score some if and when they mark them down.



Thanks for the badge! My favourite meat is definitely lamb whether it be in a lamb roast with mint sauce, frenched cutlets, lamb loin chops which I haven’t eaten for literally decades or a slow cooked lamb ragout! If only it wasn’t so expensive and if only we didn’t have to eat less meat and more legumes! Oh well, good news for the lambs.


My favourite is fresh pork hocks.

When we lived in Brisbane we bought them from Asian butchers (for about $4/kg with bone and $6 deboned). They are perfect for slow cooking either in a slow cooker, oven, BBQ or rice cooker and because of the cut, they never dry out like some other pork cuts can do.

Our favourite way to cook them is in the rice cooker using this recipe (substitute the pork belly with deboned pork hock):

The secret to this recipe it to turn the rice cooker to warm before the fluid fully evaporates (i.e. when the fluid has thickened but still slightly runny). Adding quail eggs (fresh or canned) and a about 2-3 times the potato the recipe asks for also is tasty. We don’t blanch the meat but add it raw to the rice cooker. We also have bought a very cheap ($14 Kmart) rice cooker solely for non-rice cooking uses.

Getting fresh pork hocks since moving to Tassie is more difficult, as many seemed to be smoked (possibly for pea and ham soup - which happens not to be favourite of mine). As a result, we regularly substitute pork shoulder instead of pork hocks in the recipe…and while still flavoursome, not quite the same.


Coles has these cooked pork knuckles in the meat section which might be a substitute if you can’t find what you want.


Unfortunately cooked ones won’t work in the recipe.

If one buys smoked ones, they can be pressure cooked for about 45 minutes so that the meat comes off the bone. Remove the bone and wrap the meat tightly (in a sausage shape) in cling wrap and place in the fridge. When cooled, it can be sliced and used as a cold meat instead of ham/bacon.


I can’t pick. I eat them all and they all have their star features in certain dishes.


Some beef is, tough. Good to see grabbing a good cut and economy wise helps. Chicken is hardto buy tender thigh fillets were tender unless depends on if free range or not.


I like goanna, snake, croc and a few others cooked on the coals not so much roo or wallaby these days. I also like non traditional tucker meats such as beef, lamb, pork, and some offal meats eg tripe (in parsley and white sauce is just yum).

I would have to say my favourite of all is grilled Rump with pepper sauce or mushroom gravy, either gravy is equal in my opinion.

Do seafood like prawns, scollops, crab, oysters, mussels count as meat?


If fish is meat and seafood is fish=
seafood is meat :laughing::rofl:


I mostly eat chicken, because its what I can afford, but I have developed a bit of a passion for Woolworths Cook Roast Beef with Garlic and onion gravy. I wont do a full roast beef, theres just me to feed, so this suits me perfectly. 5 minutes in the microwave and its melt in the mouth.

Apart from that I love Salmon Fillets pan fried in butter, on a bed of green beans.


So do I @SueW, love the taste and knowing that the Omega-3 fatty acids are good for me :yum:


I certainly hope I never get bitten by one of these ticks.


Interestingly I find fish generally a boring food, don’t like it much, but salmon fillets… thats different.


There was nothing boring about the delicious fresh Red Emperor fillet I ate last night and which I am having again tonight and tomorrow night, or the Big Eye Tuna sashimi I had for breakfast yesterday and, today and I am having again tomorrow.

One just needs to live in the Deep North to get fantastic fresh fish.



In that case then Crab cooked in the water it was caught in, then the warm meat doused in melted butter is my most favourite meat and recipe. Try that when warm in a really fresh bread sandwich, it’s heavenly, this level of deliciousness is followed closely by a similar prawn sandwich. @Fred123 can probably appreciate what I mean by the fresh product cooked fresh and eaten fresh…lucky person to live in a place where it can be commonplace.

For some this type of seafood is unwelcome to them and I appreciate that they may disagree with my choices. But for those who enjoy this bounty I’m sure they can also savour these delights as per my “recipes”.


I have had very good fresh fish, caught by my father, and I just don’t like it. Sorry.

Crab and prawns, and lobster, yum. Not fish. Oysters. YUM. Not fish.


Envy, although it’s important to get to the meal faster than a 5m croc, or a bull shark. Off shore …… no need to worry about the crocs sampling the catch! :shark:

On topic.
It’s too hard to choose just one meat. It comes down to the quality of the raw product, and cooked. Slow cooked pork belly that just melts in the mouth might stand the test. Especially if it is free range product that has had a healthy natural diet.

Pork is like beef where there is a distinct difference between breed, grass/natural fed free roaming product and lot raised and fed. Japanese Kobe/Wagyu might be the extreme example for beef.