Mattress discounts: What's the most you can get? 20, 30, maybe 40%?

Quick tip - how to get a better deal on mattresses:

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Hi Brendan, I bought a sleep maker mattress that was $10,000 reduced to $5099. After 6 years I got a full refund from Myer! They tried to refused to contact me.After contacting the only email for Myer online their investors department they instructed the Manager to contact me! Details of my journey are;
The mattress was sold as a a ensemble with 40 cm latex in the mattress. I have the details on this, I got the information documents sheet on the bed. After one year it was a hammock, I sent it back and was repaired. After three years it went back to a hammock and still bad. It continued to be a nightmare 5 years later a nightmare to sleep in. There is a 10 year warranty.I again was referred to Sleep Maker by Myer, in which they offered a replacement. I didn’t trust them and didn’t want more of the same mattress. I wanted a refund , Choice assisted in my rights, Sleepmaker no longer make a similar mattress therefore I am entitled to a refund I decided to contact Myer. I contacted them online 4 times, they ignored me. I wrote to Myer, they ignored me, no calls, no replies. I contacted the only email address online, the Myer investors. Suddenly the Manager of customer service called.They arranged for me to go to the store of purchase and full refund and pick up. I unpicked the top of the mattress to see how much latex and check the construction there was actually in the mattress. There was less than 2 inches! I have evidence, photos, documents of what they said they were selling, the guarantee etc, construction dimensions and foams etc, if Choice needs emails, photos documents etc I would be happy to send or email. I hope this helps others. You can get a full refund after 6 years on a mattress. Kind regards JH


Thank you for sharing your experience. Very happy to hear you got a good result in the end, pity they didn’t act faster in the first place.

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Hi @jags15, thanks for the offer. I’ll send you a DM with my details for that info, I’m sure our mattress testers will find it very interesting.

Sorry to hear it was such a debacle, but I’m glad you got a refund in the end. The retailers should not be fobbing people off to the manufacturers under the law, such a shame Myer has employed these tactics :angry:.