Mattress Buying - How do you select the perfect nights sleep?

If you have recently bought or are looking to buy a mattress, we would love to understand how you go about selecting the perfect one. What are the most important features you look for in a mattress? Did you lie on hundreds of different options before purchasing or simply buy online?

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the perfect nights sleep

One of the often unspoken aspects of ‘mattress use’ is that ‘sleep’ is not the only activity they can be useful for … and testing a mattress ‘in the shop’ for suitability or personal preference while engaged in some activities could be problematic to say the least - in my experience partners not always keen to fully evaluate, and shop staff even less so … none the less, I’m sure for many it is an important consideration when selecting a mattress …

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What about the other uses? Balancing the coffee cup & breakfast plate, rough 'n tumble with the kids, or trampolining, suitable for the mutt and/or kitty (claws and fur), sorting of washing and junk, standing on to change the light or to peer through the upper window to see if the rainwater tank sieves need cleaning. Hardest working item in the house …


For 16 years we needed a firm mattress because of our weight but since losing 1/2 our body weights we are looking for a soft to medium King size mattress and there are not many soft to medium in shops to lie down on, one we found was almost $6000 without the ensemble, we went to a place that makes mattresses and can get one made for $3000 including separate bed head and ensemble with drawers.

Hello, thank you for your reply. Could I ask, how long did you research new beds for - was it a quick decision? How did you research - going in-store to try or mostly online? Outside of firmness, were there any other mattress features important to you? Did you ask for a discount? Thank you.

Having a very bad back, the right mattress is essential. The only way to decide is to lie on it for a while.

I used the Choice survey and looked (from memory) for the mattresses with the highest satisfaction and lowest/lower number of problems.

Then go to the retailer (Ikea) and lie on different mattresses for a while with the spouse to work out the best one, and make sure it is OK for both of us. Wife woman likes softer mattress but will put up with hard ‘slab of concrete’ to support my back.

Spent over an hour lying on the final choice mattress before deciding to buy it. Came with a return guarantee if it didn’t suit. (Didn’t have to return it!)