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MasterFoods 4 out of 5 health star rating Mac & Cheese

Would you believe that:


gets a 4 out of 5 health star rating??

  • MasterFoods claim on its packaging to have 4 out of 5 health star rating per 100g as prepared
  • MasterFoods on the back of the pack then defines preparation as when made according to the recipe on pack
  • The recipe ingredients as the last “ingredient” as 600g Salad to serve and adds a final step to the preparation to serve the mac & cheese with “your favourite salad”
  • They’ve also tried to use the healthiest (priciest) options for ingredients (which is sadly more common practice, and not just what MasterFoods have done)

The packet makes 1.2kg of mac & cheese and the recipe makes the “meal” with a further 600g of salad.
Therefore, if the recipe is followed, there is 1.8Kg of “meal” in total. They then show the Daily Intake % figures for fats and protein etc as a percentage of a 304g “meal”. That “meal” percentages are misleading & is a third off of the mark, as the salad accounts for 33.3% of that ‘meal’.

What they’ve done is deceived the consumer. If the consumer sees that the Health Star Rating is high on mac & cheese, they’re going to think that the mac & cheese is a healthy option; when it’s not, and the side dishes are not included in that thought.
They’ve used a tool designed to help the consumer choose healthy options, and turn it around to deceive.

Imagine if I made a cheese pizza which would have scored 2 stars, then included in the preparation notes to serve it with a 2Kg salad; I’d have a “4 health star meal” then - but would that be fair to call the pizza healthy?

Parents are in stores making health conscious decisions for their family; this behaviour from MasterFoods blurs the lines between what’s healthy and what’s not, therefore putting the health of families & children at risk.

This isn’t acceptable behaviour from MasterFoods.


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