Marketing tactics

Look out for the old marketing tactics promising gifts such as a free phone for undertaking a survey. My wife fell into this one and now is being bombarded with everything from requests to give to charities to free offers with inevitable catches . Worst offender so far by far is Primus Telecom who instead of sending details of their offer sent confirmation that she had in fact joined them. Then she had to send a signed confirmation that the service was not required though she had signed nothing! Looks like the snake oil salesmen are alive and working in marketing…


I fell for this ONCE! It took months for the spam/scam to stop clogging up my inbox! Facebook is a favourite target.

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Always report email spam to the ACMA -


The hard sell on surveys is getting worse. Once upon a time they would hang up when I say I don’t want to do the survey, but now these overseas people just keep talking about it. I actually have to hang up while they’re talking, and I’ve always been polite to marketers before.
I think they’re being trained not to take no for an answer.