Marketing Charity exploitation

Not really officially a scam but still seems unethically applied to me. The figures are not to actual event but represent actual common package claim I’m seeing a lot of.

Look I purchased toiletries.
$1 from every purchase goes to a charity.

I buy it go home and tiny label on back explains limited to first 2000 sales.

Essentially the seller has capped the donation to $2000

The problems I have is
Why don’t they just donate $2000 and not bind conditionally to marketing.
How do I know I was not the 2001st person to buy one.
The product was sold to the retailers, hasn’t 2000 already been sold before I touch the bottle.

It comes to me as profiting from deception by using of small numbers to increase overall revenue while leverage a charity trademark for commercial benefit.


That sounds so wrong.
Would it be possible to alert others by sharing the brand and perhaps a pic (pack shot) with the logo and fine print on the back? If you can’t do the pic, we will at least know what to look out for.


What is the product and company?

Hi mark
tn this particular occasion it was the Listerine purple lgbtqi October donation sadly I observed when I disposed of this week

20c from every pack to charity boldly in the specially labeled rainbow package

The disclaimer for this specific package was limited to total sales of the first 200,000, does not sound like big money to me.

The one I hate most though is
Product released in August I bought in September and November
the clause is all sales made in October we will give $x to charity.

Why should they be allowed to shelve a product for 3 months with the trademark of charity.

The same Listerine product was also guilty of this strange time limit arrangement.

Corporate good willi would have thought would be more open-ended

So check the packages you see shavers and feminine hygiene packaging was most common for these


" Support food education for kids 25 cents from the purchase of every Coles Australian Carisma Washed Potaotes 2kg Bag sold will be donated to a maximum of $75,000."

June is quite a quiet time, no companies promotion packages

However spotted the above in store at Coles
A poultry $75000 on a product that sells millions everyday
store signage was illegible but heard the terms over the whisper quiet in store radio

Then looked online to find.

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