Macpro graphic card issues

I have a MacPro 15" late 2011 laptop and recently the computer keeps crashing. I requested help from a local Apple retailer who said yes this is a known problem that Apple used to fix FOC but recently changed to charging $850 for the fix. This seems unreasonable. Has anyone been able to get Apple to fix this known problem free of charge?


The Australian Apple website says that repairs are still done free of charge…I would take a copy of their website page and go again to the Apple store. Let them know they need to honour what they state on their website otherwise you will be making a complaint with your State Government’s Office of Fair Trading.

The other point is Apple has acknowledged that your product has a fault caused by Apple manufacturing or through poor component quality. Under ACL, Apple is required to make good this fault especially since they have openly acknowledged it exists. I would also raise this with Apple when you visit their store.


Thanks so much, PHBriggs. if you go to the end of the article page 3 you will see this program expired on Dec 31 2016.

I have bo0oked it in and will do as you say that it is a known fault.

Whoops, didn’t read right to the end. Quickly posted this morning to get you underway.

Yes, do raise this with them as they have admitted that this model of laptop has an inherent problem. Still take a copy of the webpage as your evidence even though it states 31 December 2016. They will say end of the offer has closed, but this is potentially irrelevant as yours is faulty and it is a manufacturing fault (if the same fault exists as outlined on the website).

I would suggest that it could fail at any time not as a result of the customer’s use, therefore, one could argue that the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) can apply. I anticipate that your laptop is in good condition…has been looked after as they could use this as a out…saying that the fault/damage was caused by improper use and not the manufacturing fault.

Also say that the laptop has been good (if true), have had no other problems (if true and indicates possibly looked after) and that you would possibly be buying an Apple in the future when the laptop reaches its end of life (which you don’t think it has since you want it repaired).

To me it is akin to a car manufacturer issuing a recall and years after a car fails because it was not modified under the advertised recall. The car manufacturer should be obliged to still repair the company under the original recall as it still would qualify.

While not a recall, the principles are the same.

This is from the ACL explanatory notes:

The ACL Bill provides for statutory consumer guarantees that will apply
uniformly across Australia. Statutory consumer guarantees replace
conditions and warranties that were implied into contracts by the TP Act
and FT Acts.
The ACL provides consumers with the following guarantees in respect of
supplies of goods:
• a guarantee that the supplier has the right to sell the goods;
• a guarantee that goods are free from any undisclosed
• a guarantee that the consumer will have undisturbed
possession of the goods;
a guarantee that goods are of ‘acceptable quality’;
• a guarantee that goods are fit for a purpose that the consumer
makes known to the supplier;
• a guarantee that goods match their description or a sample;
• a guarantee that spare parts and facilities for the repair of
goods are reasonably available for a reasonable period; and
• a guarantee that any express warranty is complied with

The a guarantee that goods are of ‘acceptable quality’ is the argument which can be used with Apple.

I think that would be a Macbook Pro, as the MacPro is a tub-shaped professional unit. Have you thought of joining a Mac user group like AUSOM in Melbourne? They have many expert members who happily help other members with their computer problems. Just Google Apple User Groups.

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I bought a 2016 MacBook Pro 13in with Touchbar, after a couple of months it started acting up, screen froze, flickering lines on screen, ghosting curser, wouldn’t shut down. Apple inspected and said “logic board” had failed (I’m guessing technical term for graphics card), couldn’t be repaired so they replaced complete MacBook under warranty.
It seems Apple still have MacBook graphics issues even with current model, if so Apple need to investigate and fix. I’m hoping my replacement MacBook doesn’t become faulty, so far so good. I love this computer, the Touchbar is really funky, nice piece of tech, highly recommended.


interesting thanks. What I don’t like about the new Macpro is that it does not have any USB ports unless on a superceded non-touch panel model (as I understand)

The new MacBook Pro come with 4 USB-C ports ( oval in shape) not the common USB -A ( rectangle shape), the good thing about USB C is that I can charge my Mac using any of the 4 ports which is really handy. I purchased an adapter so I can plug in a USB-A device like wireless mouse or portable HDD. USB-C will soon be the new standard, my new Nintendo Switch console uses USB-C for charging. I’m just waiting for USB-C wireless mouse to come out, they are apparently being developed.

I have had my MacPro logic card replaced FOC. Main reason is in 2015 (I had forgotten) it was replaced with this know crashing/restarting issue. Apple were great and professional but it did take from Wed till Sunday (They advised 5pm Saturday it was ready). All good.

Hopefully when I need to buy a new one they will have USB options again