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Macadamia Nuts

An article regarding Australian research into producing macadamia nuts with thinner shells and larger nuts.

We have two B.O.N.K’s we bought many years ago.

I bought a couple of bags of macadamia nuts last year and they are almost impossible to crack with them short of welding 30cm of water pipe across the handles.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this nut cracker in the article and will be buying one.

Macadamia Opener Peeling Machine Walnut Tool Nut Cracker w/ Handle Multipurpose | eBay


Or you might consider buying the original made in Queensland.
Various outlets or one option closer to Cairns - Tolga’s-nutcracker

Having been in their factory in 2010 and tested a few with proper thick shelled nuts they are effective. Providing the nut is ripe and the split line correctly aligned!

The local native rats have no difficulty either. Ouch!

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At $95, it is even more overpriced than their overpriced macadamias and is obviously the same unit I posted above.

I will settle for buying one delivered through eBay for under $40.

There goes the local Aussie economy again. :wink:

An opportunity for a Choice quality of product lab test. Imported copy vs the original local product. The most expensive part of the test program might be the nuts (approx $6/kg nut in shell - dehusked).

I still use the original 60lb rail line and 2lb hammer with optional upgrade from finger hold to heavy duty pliers.

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Never thought of that.

When we went to our grandparents in Townsville every Xmas school holidays, we would pick the ripe macadamias off the tree a late uncle planted in the backyard and proceed to sit them in a small hollow in the concrete laundry floor and hit them with a claw hammer.

If we were lucky, they would crack jut right but often they would be squashed or fly off around the laundry like bullets.

Very much a case of hit or miss.

It was the only tree my grandfather did not insist in cutting down apart from a fantastic Kensington Pride mango tree, but when the suburb was connected to the sewerage network, the contractors cut it down.

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A bit more expensive than that.

More like $16.25 a kilo.

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I found this one in a Google search who offer a cheaper package deal.

Whilst the package price is more competitive, the wording is just a tad dodgey.

1 kg of nuts for $83 with a “free” TJ nut cracker or 2 kg of nuts alone for $35.

That calico bag the 1 kg of nuts are packed in must be spun from platinum.

Also, their warranty claim regarding the “free” TJ nut cracker does not cut it under the ACL.


A metal work vice works well, but one needs to be a little patient as it isn’t the fastest cracking method.


But only $17.50 per kg if you purchase 2kg.
With the average farm price by the truck load $6/kg the maths is not too hard. Kernel yield might be around 300gms per kg or a little better. Higher for tree picked vs ground picked. Also depends on the quality sampling rate of the cracking operator.:wink:

Well spotted.


I’ve been using our BONK for a very long time too. Still in good condition and seems to cope with all nuts.

Tropical Fruit World in NSW near the Qld border have the macadamia nut crackers like in the eBay and TJ’s ads, for visitors to use on the ‘farm tour’. They are out in the open near the macadamia trees.


The BONK’s are still in perfect condition but the operators are not.

Whilst I could easily use them years ago when we bought them, I now find them just too hard.

My wife was sceptical so she tried to use one a few days ago and found that she could not operate it.

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