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Many of us have referenced that when something is ‘free’ we are the product. This report does a good job of explicitly ‘revealing’ the back-end of flybuys. Every loyalty program will be similar in data collection and how the data is used to target ‘us’. It almost makes google who knows everything look benign ( not really ).


The article leaves me with the impression that Fly Buys is fairly innocuous, and I do not see a problem with companies collecting demographics to better present their store offerings.

It would be of little use to consumers if stores still stocked obsolete products such as galvanised iron bath tubs, stovetop heated irons, enamel cookware and the like instead of what customers actually want today.

As for Fly Buys, we love the freebies and bonus offers, and our 2 accounts will have around $700 in them before the end of the month. Very handy for Xmas.


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Tired of being asked, “are you a member?” This article from Penny Flanagan might elicit a chuckle :rofl:


Got me! :joy:
I guess you could sign up and suggest you don’t have email or a mobile. Yes, some will still sign you up and fill the post box. I guess that costs them to print and mail stuff.

Some like Spotlight offer a permanent members discount, so it is a sort of a financial choice as well? Excludes sale markdowns.


I was with my friend at Millers yesterday: she got her 40 % discount because she’s a member, but will not get her birthday gift voucher because she does not have an email address!