Loyalty cards and discount vouchers - phone photo handy tip

What we do is we take a photo of the loyalty card’s barcode with our phone’s camera. Shop and checkout scanners will scan & accept the photo. Only one card needed for the whole family, and it isn’t even necessary to carry it!

In fact we use the phone camera trick for all the loyalty cards, and for discount vouchers as well. If your photo section has ‘favourites’ mark these as favourites so they are easier to find. Once a discount voucher is used up, the photo can be deleted.


Hi @meltam have you tried StoCard?


+1 for Stocard.
Its a good app.
It also lets you know the specials available.

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Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Never would have thought of it.

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Stocard doesn’t work for some places - eg Woolies and Priceline. Actually the only success I’ve had is with Harris Farm.

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Even if the store wasn’t able to scan them, they’ve manually entered the number from the stocard app for me.
Also, the Commonwealth Bank app allows you to save your loyalty cards on it too

Hi Deiter

No I haven’t tried it.

I like simple solutions & I’m not into getting lots of apps.

Is using StoCard that much simpler than using the photos stored on your phone?


Hi meltam, is it easier? Depends on if you are Apple or Android. Fidme works great on my partners iPhone but has some problems with my Android. Sto works well on my droid. How many “favourites” folders do you have as I use that folder for my important pictures only. I have been using FidMe on my BlackBerry Z10 for about 3 years now. As the cards are stored in the cloud I can login using other devices and other IO’s. As I use different devices I have moved all my needed information to the cloud. I have also tried Microsoft OneNote and that works very well for my cards as I can make the barcode larger. I have synced all my devices to the same OneNote cloud. And access is controlled using Last Pass.

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Hi @meltam, from the replies it is obvious that there are plenty of different solutions to get results without carrying a bag full of cards with you. My daughter introduced StoCard to me and I used it successfully with my Android phone at Coles, Woolies and others. Sometimes one needs to move a bit away from the scanner due to the larger sized barcode on StoCard. As I said, it works for me and as it is a free app you may try it out yourself and see the difference to the stored pictures. I can imagine that it is somewhat more difficult to find the relevant picture than just tapping on the wanted one in StoCard. Good luck.

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If Stocard doesnt work somewhere its about the scanner in use. Some are a bit primitive :). I have it in my Apple watch, too.

@meltam - you’ve hit on something that makes my bones ache - is there an app for that? Certainly worthy of a topic in itself.

SO many apps, and so many of them are half baked ‘pos’ apps coded by people who apparently have no clue. Try the medicare app - I just got back a letter! in the mail! with a hardcopy of what can only be described as a 10% quality of original image of my receipts! saying they can’t process it, after who knows how many weeks, and please try again. No way of updating the images, no way of knowing whether the new images taken on the smartphone will be any better with their crud-post-processing they obviously apply. Registration renewal apps. Apps for everything - from companies who probably know all the buzzwords of user experience and focus group review but have no clue about real world testing, regression testing, etc etc. And what’s wrong with a simple email for stuff? One area (parcel lockers) where AusPost actually has done a great job is parcel locker collection. Simple email with a barcode image - works every time, and guess what? I already have an app for email :slight_smile:

I’m with you - if an app I actually want to use, like for example the commbank app, provides included functionality like storage of loyalty cards then fine. But adding apps because theres an app for it … really … no. I still use the cards …

True story - waited behind some guy at the checkout only last weekend, who was waving his smartphone around like a blind ninja trying to get the checkout to register his woolies card and then his NFC payment - ended up breaking out the plastic for both. I sniggered, probably a little loudly. If you are reading this Mr Blind Ninja, my apologies, but it was hilarious …


It works for me at Priceline. On the self checkouts like Kmart, you need to use the hand scanner.