L'oreal Paris Excellence Creme disastrous hair colour fail

Hello, my husband and I are choice members, but this is the first time I have been on Choice Community. Has anyone had trouble with L’Oreal Paris new Excellence creme hair colour? I have used the L’Oreal Excellence product for many years now, using 9.1. Light Ash Blond.This time when I used it instead of a Light Ash Blond, it has turned out a dirty grey/brown colour, I have emailed and spoken to consumer problems at L’Oreal but other than sending out a complementary treatment, I received no satisfaction from them and my biggest concern is that, they did not seem to value, that I had been a customer for a long time, even after saying I would not trust their product again. Of course they said they had had no other complaints about this particular product, so I would like to put it out there, has anyone else had trouble with this product?

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