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Looking for recommendations on good quality home safes/fire safes please


Looking for recommendations on good quality home safes/fire safes please. Something that can be fixed into the floor…


My aged Sentry safe might meet your needs but is so old my experience is irrelevant as you could not buy one like it any more.

It would be helpful if you added your requirements such as size / dimensions to guide responses.


What are you trying to protect? Documents? Jewellery? Firearms? Cash? and in the case of fire, for how long? considerations include building type (how long it might burn and how hot), proximity of fire services, whether the storage needs to be disguised, potential effects of fire retardants (in-floor safes and water/etc), access method (key, combo, both), legislative requirements in the case of firearms … the list goes on …


Thanks Ill get out the measuring tape!


Not firearms all the other gear though


Bunnings sell the Sentry safes cheaper than anywhere I have found and deliver them if you want a large one.

The thing is you have to work out exactly what you want:
Do you want manual combination, electronic, electronic with key, fire rated (and for how long)…??
Does it have to have drawers…?
Do you want a floor safe, a shelf safe, a portable safe, or a lager fixed safe?
How big does it have to be (based on what you want to store)? For example does it have to hold A4 documents lying on their sides, for holding jewellery, for hard disks, for passports, or for something else?

Once you have that worked out, look for what is available to suit your needs.

I have found that locksmiths have a range of safes, but tend to be very expensive. Bunnings sell a wide range, but I agree with @TheBBG, and believe that Sentry Safes are good quality at a reasonable price. The larger Sentry safes from Bunnings are special order, but arrive quite quickly.

I would suggest you avoid the Chinese made safes as they use inferior steel and mechanisms and don’t last as well.


Thanks @meltam thats a great help!! Ill look in store in the first instance to get a feel for them then speak to the guys at special orders! Star!! Thanks