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Hi, I have been trying to log in into Coles online for the last 24 h and I am getting “Error come back later”

I rang Coles and they told me the usual…clear history, cookies etc… to no avail. I have tried on 3 browsers still the same.
Then I disconnected my VPN which was connected to Australia and bingo, here I was in.
I do have Proton VPN.
Why is it that you have to get rid of your VPN to log in? It never happened before, and all of a sudden VPN does not function. I will be interested to know if anyone has had the same issue.


They may be blocking known VPN addresses, if they have had vexatious people making false orders using VPN services, this may be a reason to block the addresses.


I have given up on Coles online. The most hopeless web site and enquiry line I have ever used. I used to shop with Coles pre-covid. Now I only shop with Woolworths online.

Woolworths has a great web online order system. I had so many error messages and phone conversations with Coles. They kept blaming me not their web online ordering system. I had to change my password and email numerous times with Coles it was getting me no orders. Hence, I now always use Woolworths web site to order online.


Interesting. I, too, have a preference for the Woolworths site, but I have never had issues with Coles online, and I tend to order from them because the delivery fee is cheaper. MUCH cheaper.

Cheaper delivery fee? $19 per month is no way cheaper than Woolies. I pay a yearly fee to Woolies of just over$100 for unlimited deliveries (over$50).

Much cheaper and the paper bags are free too.


I’ve never tried delivery of either. I do direct to boot for both, and wouldn’t want to put a delivery driver through trying to deliver to an apartment building.

I’ve had troubles in the past on the Coles site with it forgetting my account - it’s why my login email is up to coles3@ . The site also feels a bit more clunky than the Woolies site in both it’s login integrations and the checkout process (hello Coles, no individual substitution rules?!).


I do not have this if I order with Woolies. VPN is must for me as I said it never happened before.

Indeed charging for plastic is a bit rich.

Unfortunately, we do not have home deliveries from Woolworths where we are. Coles has a monopoly .

Yes, I agree there. Coles is expensive in certain areas.

If you have established a connection to Coles via https, the link is end to end encrypted and no vpn needed.

Why is it necessary for those types of connection?

Some Banks now recognise VPN connections from some providers and freeze the access to the account.

I understand if a VPN is used for http, for Countries where lots of snooping occurs or even just browsing to avoid noxious ad material being sent. However the choice is the users if they want to use one, it needs to be understood though that some website providers do block VPN traffic if they are able to identify it.

Coles may have just had a bad connection that day or they may now be refusing VPN connections. It doesn’t matter if it is a Australian IP address if using a VPN as that is only the exit and traffic could have come from any place in the World.

Interesting…. I pay $2 most times. Occasionally up to 9, depending on time of day and day of week. Woolies I never go under $15

Thats something I keep whining about on feedback, started doing it last year, no changes. Also shopper notes which woolies has (but that does require the shopper to read and pay attention). Mind you, you can now specify which product can be substituted. I usually say none, especially where cat food is concerned. Toby is such a fussy eater, with expensive tastes.

$2 delivery fee I would be the first to admit is good if you can get delivery anytime you want.

The new Woolies deal has dropped its mid week restrictions thus I can have groceries whenever I want. They also use Uber as a partner so very easy to track exactly where the driver is. Big improvement on their previous service.

The notes on each item is great too when searching for long dated items such as milk. If they ignore the instructions there’s an instant refund.

I dropped Coles, and found out that Woolies is delivery in Nimbin now. Cheaper and better in my view.

The only thing keeping me with Coles is the $2-$4 delivery fee. Woolworths is way too costly.
Coles recently experimented with a new website which could be the final nail in the coffin as it is way worse than the original.

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