Lite n Easy for weight loss

Hi there. We want to learn more about the experiences of people who’ve used Lite n Easy for weight loss. If you’re a current or previous user of Lite n Easy, it would be great if you could complete our short 5-minute survey.

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Has anyone tried light and easy… if so does it work?
Also what product does work… meal replacement or what?? I find it hard to ecercise.

I did think of trying Light n Easy, but decided it was too inflexible for me. I use chromium piccolinate, otherwise known as sugar balance - it reduces appetite. Also changing my routine to reduce temptation - like going for a walk at lunch time. Still need a good dose of willpower though.

I didn’t think the types of meal provided by Lite & Easy contain any magical ingredient to control body weight. If there is, I like to hear from Lite & Easy. That said, you are paying someone to work out a balanced diet plan to suit your personal daily need of nutrients and calories; nor would I believe their dietary plans are ‘fail-safe’. If you take whatever planned and could not resist the temptation to eat extra, I doubt if any plan would work. In my view, Lite & Easy simply provides the convenience for the busy people who has little time to shop & cook, guides you on what and how much to eat. It is like to have take away delivered; but you don’t need to ponder what to order.

I use Lite n Easy and yes it works. I order weekly the breakfast and lunch from the 1200 calorie menu. I then have a small serve of whatever my family is having for tea. I think LNE offers a reasonable amount of variety in its menu. If you can find something you like then you might be a little on the fussy side. My only complaint is that they seems to put tomatoes in all salads and as an add on in their sandwiches. I’m not a big fan of tomatoes though so I substitute them for spinach leaves in sandwiches and omit them from salad. In terms of making it easy and affordable for work. It’s great I pay $88 for breakfast and lunch for 7 days.

It (and other like it) will work because it is based on portion control thereby limiting calorie intake. There is nothing special in the meals/foods that will cause anyone to lose weight. The problem comes when you stop the program and go back to cooking your own meals. Unless you continue the portion size you will put back anything you lost.

Lite n easy is a great way to get to your weight back to where it should be . The food tastes great if you follow the plan you never feel hungry .

I would never recommend the Lite n Easy product range as it includes many additives to help it taste “great” including preservatives and numerous flavour enhancers. I have just reviewed the dinner ingredient list and was astounded to see how many additives are included - this isn’t “simply eating well” or the way to stay healthy!

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I used lite n easy and did manage to loose 21kg.
The food tastes good and if you follow their advice you shouldn’t feel hungry.

It’s a great way to learn exactly what portion sizes you should use to get to and maintain your weigh.

The only downsides are_

  1. It’s hard it maintain when others in the household aren’t on it and still require their own meals (like kids)
  2. The cost is a bit steep to maintain indefinitely.

I have used the Lite N Easy dinners on & off over the years for convenience. The quality was fairly ordinary for price you pay, i.e. dregs of vegetables. Nowadays there are some very good quality convenience foods at the supermarkets that feed 2 people for what its costs for 1 L&E dinner. As I said, it has been a while since I used them so they may have improved.

Thanks for the feedback everyone - it’s really interesting to hear what does/doesn’t work for people when it comes to Lite n Easy and weight loss.

If you’re a current or previous user of Lite n Easy before and haven’t yet completed our survey it would be great if you could take a few minutes to do so before it closes tonight - the more responses we get, the more robust our results!

Cheers, Rachel

I rang Lite n Easy to ask about joining - my main question was whether there was a way to only see meal choices that avoided certain ingredients that I have either an allergy of food sensitivity to (medically diagnosed). Their response was that there was no way to filter Lite n Easy meal choices; but I was free to drill down in their website into every meal and snack option they offered - and read each ingredient list myself.

As an alternative you can always check with your health fund to see if they subsidise weight loss programs. Mine does. I have osteoarthritis of the knee. As a result I qualified. It was a “very low calorie” diet. All the substitute meals (shakes and soups) were paid for. Came with recipe book, on line recording of weight loss etc and access to dietician. Worked for me with no out of pocket expenses.

Yes they can’t deal with even common variations e.g. vegetarians or gluten free. This really is a take it or leave it one size fits all approach to weight loss. Fine if you fit too bad if you don’t. Personally I think it is cheaper to do your own meals but I accept that the convenience is a big selling point.