Liquor Licence To Sell Soy Sauce In NT?

An article regarding traders in NT being warned that they need a liquor licence to sell products over 50ml which contain 1.15% or more alcohol.

Wlilst I have seen articles about persons drinking Listerene for its alcohol content, I would be interested to see someone swallow over 50ml of soy sauce.


Ridiculous overregulation. I hope they are also protecting us from bitters addicts.

I’m a bit sceptical that soy sauce necessarily contains any alcohol at all. It does say “fermented” but doesn’t, as far as I could see, declare any percentage of alcohol.


Didnt know that some soy sauce may contain traces of alcohol. Looks like it may be bran specific as the Kikkoman website states…

Kikkoman Soy Sauces contain greater than 2% alcohol by volume . The alcohol is not added, but is a result of the fermentation process. Like wine or beer, our soy sauces are brewed and they are made from wheat, soybeans, salt and water.

I wonder if chemists are in the hot seat for perfumes and cologne, and car accessory stores for windscreen wiper fluids and other liquids containing alcohol.

It does seem regulation gone mad…or implemented without understanding consequences.


Yes it is. True :slight_smile: soy sauce must be fermented. Not all of them are. Even among the fermented ones it seems as if there is variation - but maybe only in the labelling.

Even so, as Fred123 said, soy sauce is flavoursome stuff and so drinking hundreds of mls of it in order to achieve intoxication would be challenging.

I’m calling for some commonsense.


Comes complete with that special ingredient, NT.

Adds a little something special to that next shopping trip in Alice. The soy sauce aisle will not open until after 10am. :rofl:


If anyone can actually drink a large amount of soy sauce, perhaps they might be the reincarnation of whatever was the inspiration for the 1980 hit song by the UK band, the Vapors, titled “Turning Japanese”.

And this ridiculous NT fiasco appears to totally eclipse the problem with people wishing to cook authentic recipies which include Shaoxing (Chinese Rice Wine) in the rest of Australia.

In Qld, the proper product is not readily available as the retailers cannot stock it due to its alcohol content and the licensed premises are not interested in stocking it as a niche product.

So the only options left are to buy the high salt content Chinese Cooking Wine from a retailer or use Dry Sherry from a licensed premises.

And the high salt content of the product sold by the retailers is aimed at stopping persons drinking it for the alcohol content.

Now what was that nonsense about soy sauce in the NT?


I’m sure it could be done. Keeping it down might be another thing!

Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! :wink:

Unlikely to happen - we are a territory of less than 250k people, run by a guy who has sent us broke with nothing to show for it, even though he’s lined up all our gas reserves to be fracked to ‘solve the gas crisis’ (which is code for rich people being in crisis because they can’t sell our gas to overseas buyers).

And they reinstated speed limits after a trial under the previous government had no incidents related to speed … but I digress …

… only after 10am on Saturday and public holidays, except Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Monday to Friday it would be 2pm to 9pm at bottleshops and on Sunday only 12 noon to 9pm at pubs with drive-through bottleshops (and members only clubs). Fortified wines are even more restricted in hours.

At each and every one of these locations there will be a police officer stationed at the entrance who may ask for government issued ID and refuse your entry if there is a belief you will commit a liquor related offence. It seems these people tend to profile particular groups, with enough randomness thrown in to attempt to maintain the illusion of non-discrimination.

When you actually purchase, each cash register has a flat bed scanner that will scan your government issued ID and only allow the purchase to continue if the government gives the go-ahead. Allegedly these purchases and approvals are not logged or tracked, except they are - there are limits on some products, and ‘the system knows’ how much you have bought ‘today’ if you try to visit multiple outlets.

Then, except for the Telegraph Station or a permitted special event, there is nowhere in public where you can consume alcohol … or soy sauce I guess …

If you have the evil drink shipped from interstate, the interstate retailer must be registered with the NT government or it is illegal (for both parties one assumes) - it seems few retailers are aware of this interstate, and some I have contacted couldn’t be bothered setting it up for such a small potential customer base.

There is also a floor price, a minimum cost per standard drink and completely restricted areas and regions, which makes it harder for interstate vendors to accommodate NT customers.

Its quite a range of products and it has the potential to impact all sorts of things if common sense doesn’t prevail, like consumption/etc - the original article outlines some scenarios - and the liquor licencing people are already actively protecting us all from them. Bless their souls !! :rofl:

Other than that, it all makes perfect sense !


… of course some people have had a bit of fun with this …



Crisis averted? dramatic update pinched from Facebook …


Saved by bell, well saved by the talks anyway :laughing:


Should be a great relief for the motorists in Darwin who buy E10?
Noticed no one suggested fuel might also fall foul of the law with up to 10% ethyl alcohol.

Could be a useful ploy to name one of the states as having a similar legal conflict when the dust settles. Perhaps next year, sometime around April, very close to the start of the month?


I also then thought of products like is Mirin (sold in Coles and Woolies in the Asian Food section) covered or not? Cooking Sake, teriyaki sauce and similar alcohol based cooking products how do they fare? Swedish Bitters (a health food product but quite alcoholic), vanilla extract or any flavour essence in alcohol eg brandy essence or peppermint (Glycerine, Alcohol (35% vol.), Water, Peppermint Oil). Maybe I shouldn’t add more or they might need to show a licence everytime they want to flavour or eat some cream or icing in the NT.


Although the welfare groups are well intenitoned it seems they are misguided. I sought some background to the soy issues and found, amongst other reports,

I could be naive or it could be intractable or too hard or too expensive for the pollies to step up to when they can hire helicopters to attend party events. It seems if one disrupts a culture without adequately replacing it with something that fits ‘them not just us’, pervasive alcohol or drug dependence is all but guaranteed.

Few skills for the ‘European’ economy, no jobs, value systems that are not one with the ‘European model’ that has been overlaid, and not much to do beyond collecting whatever is sent their way. How many artists produce valuable paintings and how many does it take to saturate the niche market for that as well as boomerangs and (mostly imported) ‘genuine souvenirs’.

It seems there should be a way to create an equilibrium that gets them some life purpose back but the mechanisms of government hobbled by whistleblowing and self serving pollies gets in the way from fulfilling their ‘burden’.

So far stealing children to live in the European world did not work, nor have reservations nor dispersing aboriginals into areas where they had to fend for themselves in what to them would be a strange land, and as the US so ably demonstrated once upon a time,prohibition doesn’t work either.

The Australian and American governments should take a hard look at what happened in this country, Ireland and Germany and then compare notes. And then they should appropriate the funds to allow the Aborigine and Native American people to solve their own problem, because, ironically, no one else does give a damn.


Someone had to say it, @PhilT. Hopefully it hits the chord for others too?

The system and our governments have applied the best of Colonial British and Western European know how in creating the current problem.

The problems that have been created should be very evident to any who choose to look past the obvious.

As you note, it would seem unlikely that the solution lies with the application of more of the same western based understanding of lack of understanding, no matter how well intentioned.

The circumstance and issues are certainly not unique to this continent or any other. It is going to take much more listening and acceptance by those who might prefer only to offer tokens instead. Tokenism is little different from the delivering of trinkets on first contact.


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It also isn’t really a matter of being able to drink a lot of soy sauce it’s more being able to survive drinking it I think its about 1-2 Litres soy sauce contains enough salt to kill the average person or at least put them in hospital with sodium poisoning