Lifetime warranty on shower problem


Bought a new shower (not cheap) in January 2019 that has a lifetime warranty.

Came away from wall late May 2022. Contacted Reece Moonah Tasmania (the supplier), who organised a replacement through GWA Melbourne (shower warranty replacement firm).

My problem is that GWA, who supplied the replacement early July 2022, told me a plumber would contact me in 2 weeks to fit the replacement. No plumber rang to fit it.

Contacted Reece Moonah Tasmania, told them the story, they rang GWA who said they would ring back. No call back. Constant calls to Reece, who contacted GWA each time, has resulted in GWA saying they would call back. No call back each time.

Contacted GWA on 18th July to let them know I wasn’t prepared to wait any longer. GWA Manager called on 27/9, who apologised for a ‘glitch’ in the system, and told me he would get a plumber to contact me. No call.

Rang GWA again om 13/10 and the lady I spoke to said she would call a plumber and get back to me. Amazingly she did, and said she was unable to contact the plumbing company, but left a message and would get back to me when they returned the call. Asked her the name of the plumbing company before ahe got off the phone. No call back.

18/10 rang plumbing company related conversation with GWA. Plumbing company said they do not have a message service, but they emailed and rang GWA and were awaiting a call back. Rang plumbing company again on 19th and 20th. Same response re GWA.

It is my understanding that the shower replacement installation should be the responsibility of the supplier. If they can’t get GWA to organise a plumber, are they responsible for doing so.



If it is indicated in the terms and conditions^ associated with the ‘lifetime warranty’, then yes, the supplier or retailer is responsible. In your case the supplier is Reece and not GWA. Reece shouldn’t be palming you off to GWA as it is their responsibility to organise the plumber to swap out the faulty shower rose.

Note: Reece may be required to obtain authorisation from GWA for commissioning of a plumber services, but this is between Reece and GWA and not something you would know about or get involved in.

I would go back to Reece and advise that they are the supplier/retailer under the Australian Consumer Law, and as such are responsible for organising a plumber to replace the faulty rose. If they say anything about GWA, say that you didn’t buy the shower rose off GWA and have no relationship with them…and won’t be dealing with them.

^ Some ‘lifetime warranties’ outside a notional period may only cover the replacement of the part or item and not the cost of trade services to perform any installation/works. It is worth reading the T&Cs associated with the ‘lifetime warranty’ to see that you aren’t responsible for the cost associated with the replacement after the notional period - if such a condition exists.


Who actually installed the shower? Perhaps the plumber who installed it is responsible.

Has been discussed in this forum before but what the heck does “lifetime warranty” even mean? :wink:


It may help with understanding by others to explain what type of shower and in which way it failed to allow it to come away from the wall? An assumption is a key part of the supplied shower assembly mounting is defective in some way.

GWA supply the industry with several well known brands, EG Caroma, Methven, Dorf, Clark. The lifetime warranties where offered as others have indicated are conditional. They typically require the supplied plumbing items to be installed initially by a qualified and licensed tradesperson, even where the sale has been direct from Reece to the home owner.

It’s a concern I’ve had previously with warranty.


In other words, maybe post a picture? A picture being worth a thousand words.


@helenws indicated that:

This tends to indicate that it was a failure with the shower fitting otherwise Reece (and GWA) would not have agreed to a replacement which has been provided, waiting installation.



The replacement is not a rose, its the complete (expensive) dual shower system. It failed once before, notified Reece, and the manufacturer (presumably) organised plumber who had the replacement shower system with him within 2 weeks. Expected the same again, however, I believe the manufacturer, either sold to GWA, or passed on the lifetime warranty scenario to them.

When it failed this time I rang Reece. I am guessing they either rang manufacturer again, or GWA. Not long after I rang Reece, GWA rang me to confirm my address and told me the shower system would be sent to me from Melbourne and a local plumber would be out in a couple of weeks to insrtall.


Hi phb,

In response to your post “that it was a failure with the shower fitting otherwise Reece (and GWA) would not have agreed to a replacement which has been provided, waiting installation”, it was a failure of a platic part used in conjunction with screws.

I explained to Reece what the problem was when I made the initial call and suggested they may be able to acquire the part and replace it instead of supplying a whole new system. Was told the manufacturer, Methven, chose to replace the whole system each time it failed.