Lids and packaging that 'drive you nuts'

As I’m getting older, and my grip is not as strong as it once was, I find the lid of Ecostore’s dishwasher powder impossible to open. Fortunately I’ve got someone to help me the first time, and I never close it tightly thereafter.

Another thing is the lid of Vaalia’s 900g yoghurt: once the foil is removed, the plastic lid doesn’t sit snugly on the tub: two hands are needed to remove it from the 'frig so I don’t drop the whole thing.
Any suggestions welcome.


You could transfer the yoghurt to a glass jar (or 2) with a large opening and easy to fit lid.
I always make my own in 1 or 2litre batches - in nice big containers with good lids.


It is somewhat difficult to find a particular product locally, but google ‘jar opener arthritic hands’ and you will find all sorts of aids, some of which can be bought locally (esp from .au websites), from ebay, or amazon, and many can be shipped in.

This US site is an intro in the more common product types as well as this one. However, products with childproof caps can be a problem with no good solution when first opened, although breaking off the tabs making it childproof helps for subsequent opens.

I do not use that product, but try putting a piece of (reusable) aluminium foil (folded over a few times if necessary) over the tub prior to putting the lid on to make the fit tighter. The foil can be wiped and good quality foil will last a while for that application.


Try using 2 heavy duty rubber bands, I forget how many yoghurt tubs I have dropped.