LG Heat Pump Dryers all "Temporarily unavailable"?

Hi folks,

All LG heat pump dryers are currently (Oct 2022) marked as “Temporarily unavailable”. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be? Would it be to do with stock, or new model coming, or other?



Appliance retailers seem to have stock. The Good Guys shows 4 models available, Appliancesonline 2, Harvey Norman 5, …

LG as the importer could have any of the issues you alluded to if that would affect your decision to buy product in stock from a retailer. There are some promotions on so it could be clearing old stock for new models as you surmise?


Hi @sgadsby, welcome to the community.

Is there a particular model you are interested in. If there is, it appears that they are available from other online retailers if you do a search.

The reason why the LG website is showing they are temporarily unavailable is unknown, but could be for the reasons you outlined or could be that LG has decided to stop selling directly to customer.


Thanks guys, yeah I have actually decided to go ahead and buy an LG unit. Was just wondering if others who observe these things more more closely than I might have some insight into why all models rather than just one or two are marked that way. Was slightly concerned that maybe LG had pulled them from sale due to technical issues or whatever, but I have heard nothing along those lines so assume there is another reason.



A comment on LG, I bought LG Neon2 solar panels with a 25 year warranty in late 2018. LG exited the solar panel market this year but is standing behind their warranty. They apparently made a significant spares inventory-if that doesn’t carry to 2043 it remains to be seen what they would do for warranty claims but I trust as long as there is LG they will honour that warranty.


You could for interest sake call them and ask why…

1300 LG CARE (1300 54 2273)

If you do, you are more than welcome to post the outcome - if there is one.


Well they no longer say temporarily unavailable on the web site, and the units we ordered from Good Guys turned up after about 3 weeks, so I guess it was a shipping delay.