LG G4 Bootlooping Issue

Anyone here with the above phone? If you bought before October 2015 be prepared for it to have a major fail. This problem is all over the Internet and LG are producing some terrible customer service dealing with it, especially if bought as a grey import. I understand that a grey import doesn’t come with a warranty on Australia, but if the product has a fatal flaw and all models come out of the same factory, what should it matter where it was bought? Then there’s the matter of only admitting to the flaw on a third party website so that they can be seen to be responding to the situation, but can’t be held accountable because it’s not a direct press release. Very poor effort and I won’t be buying another one of their phones.

I haven’t got the phone you mentioned - but I find it so tough to find a reliable phone! I feel like every one I get only lasts a year or two before something goes wrong with the software or hardware (or both). -_-

It sounds like its really poor form on the part of LG in terms of customer support and admitting the problem. I agree that if you bought an LG phone, irrespective of where you bought it, they should support the product.

Is that the phone you have now or you have another LG phone?

Thank you so much for the advice, I am in the market to purchase a mobile phone for my elderly mother, and I will now steer clear of LG G4.! Cheers!

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Yes, it is the phone I have now. Well… Had! I’ve sent it back to the place I bought it from for a repair / replacement and bought another phone in the meantime. Their handling of the situation is so short sighted - with so many people being burnt by their customer service, most will never bother buying from them again.

While they may come out of the same factory, I can understand why LG Australia would not want to repair a grey import. As they did not bring it into the country, I doubt if they would be able to claim the costs of repair and parts back from LG Korea. The original importer/supplier of the product is making their margin without the worry about warranty repairs.

You always take a risk when grey importing or buying products direct from China.If it’s a local company in Australia who is grey importing, they must still abide by the Australian warranty laws e.g fit for purpose. I have bought many grey import phones from local Australian companies, around ten for my family. Luckily I never had any warranty problems with any of them, but I’ve never bought LG I always bought Samsung.

I bought mine from a Telstra store in December 2015. Had problems with brightness & hotspot failing.

They exchanged in January. This phone was manufactured in June 2015, so it’s possible it will happen to me.

I still have problems with the hotspot, & the brightness readjusts itself, when auto brightness is off. I took it back at 6 weeks, they sent it back to manufacture service, but of course they couldn’t reproduce problems. So I just put up with it.

I love the phone, the camera is amazing. Such a pity it has these problems, & that it could totally fail as well at any time.

No way I’d buy another LG.

I agree completely. I’ve had 4 failed flagships since 2013.
2x HTC, 1x Sony, 1x LG G4.
And my current LG G4 which could go at any moment.

With tech improving, mid range phones now would be as good as top phones were 2 or 3 years ago.

What sucks me in to top of the range is a good camera.

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