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Lettucedeliver organics

has anyone had problems with this company they don’t put prices on invoices until final invoice received and your card is debitted and they don’t allow you to make changes and you have to go through them and with the new payment system everyone was charged one dollar which they said would be refunded but saw no evidence it was

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It is not uncommon for new payment systems to be tested with a modest charge, often $1. The promised refund should appear within ~5 days as a credit/refund if the $1 is processed, or sometimes they process the $1 as an approval rather than a charge and just let it expire, typically 5-7 business days. Regardless, their T&C state the charges for an order will be updated on delivery day.

As for the rest, I have no experience with them.

By changes, do you mean post order or during an order? For example their T&C indicate each order is taken as an autonomous order and cannot be changed once sent.

It seems reasonable that if one pushes ‘Buy’ and then wishes to change something prior to it being sent, direct contact has a much better chance of satisfaction as it will be immediately actioned if possible, whereas an online generated change could be hours before it is seen.

If none of my post is applicable please make the circumstance of your query a bit clearer, and perhaps upload an image of the tax invoice.


They indicated not being able to make changes was intentional to prevent customers changing orders prior to cut-off datebut other sites allow you to do this up to two hours before delivery