Lenovo laptop nightmare

Hoping someone can help me here with my rights. I bought my son a lenovo laptop for school. It lasted 8 months and the hinge fell apart (a fair few hits on google suggesting design flaw), the laptop itself didn’t show any signs of wear and tear. I also purchased an extended warranty.

Anyway, took it back to JB Hifi who sent it off to Lenovo, Lenovo refused to have a bar of it, said my son caused the damage and $1,200 to replace the hinge ($1,800 laptop). After a fair bit of back and forth with JB, they agreed to pay 50%, didnt feel like I really had much of a leg to stand on so agreed. We originally took the laptop in at the start of December, and agreed to the repair towards end of January. Still no laptop and JB really dont seem to give a sh*t anymore. Meanwhile son has my old work laptop for school.

Do I have any rights here or did I effectively waive them by agreeing to the repair?



Hi @Jim73,
Welcome to the Community, and sorry to hear that JB Hifi has been giving you the run around. Was it the G570 model?

This is general advice, not legal advice: You have rights under the Australian Consumer Law for a repair or replacement in these type of cases. Any agreements that you make might be a factor to what kind of out come you get, but it would be reasonable to expect that they can complete the repair in a normal time frame (unless they’ve advised you otherwise).

The next step for you is to escalate the complaint with JB Hifi. It’s probably easier to try to deal directly with the store if you can, but if not, you can also do this via their online contact. Be polite but be sure to clearly outline the issue, there is some information on our website to help with this. Be sure to mention that they have breached the consumer law, and unless they can fulfill their part of the agreement you will have no choice but to raise a complaint with Fair Trading.

If they are unable to help, you can then contact Fair Trading to raise a complaint. Please let us know how you go, hopefully they will honor the deal that has been agreed on once you escalate the complaint.