Lemon clause in warranty contracts

I’d like to see a lemon clause in warranty contracts. I spent a lot of money on a Bosch Condenser Dryer (A choice recommended model WTW84360) that never really dried properly (except for towels). I battled the manufacturer for ages on it but all they kept throwing at me was “all testing confirms that it is working to manufacturer specifications” and “all results are within manufacturer specifications”. All my insistence of things not being properly dry didn’t seem to matter. I had nowhere to go and Consumer Affairs couldn’t help. Every other Bosch device I’ve had has been faultless, this was a lemon and I would have liked some consumer protection. FTR after about 2 years battling I got offered the opportunity to buy a new machine at family & friends discount, but no acceptance that there was anything wrong with my 3 year old dryer.