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Leather sofa

A leather sofa ordered online from Plush in 2021 sofas was delivered in March 2022 but with significant defects in it’s appearance. Air pockets in the leather on the front and both ends of the sofa and an unsightly indentation in the front right arm. I emailed Plush with my complaints but they are very slow in responding. Can my email be considered as the same as a letter of complaint?


Not exactly. It would be a complaint but a formal ‘Letter of Complaint’ requires additional formality. It should be written as if you are a silk arguing a case in front of a magistrate. There is a lot of advice on the Community including members’ advice, Choice advice, and ACCC advice - as well as links to some tools to assist.

Letters of Complaint also need to be directed to the manager or most senior person that can be identified in a business, not the customer service/info address. Sometimes a complaint address is sufficient and it is useful to include something like ‘ATTN: [manager’s name] - Letter of Complaint’. Regardless be sure to get it receipted through an automated or human response. If your email client supports it set ‘Return Receipt’ that often results in a notice when it is read by the recipient.

After perusing those sources if you need further advice or guidance please post back.


Generally a telephone call or visiting them in person would be the better form of contact when first dealing with a warranty claim or defective product. Usually with writing, it can be difficult to communicate the exact problems…know if you have sent it to the right email address (one that is monitored)…and if it was the right address, often emails out of the blue may be sidelined until later rather than dealt with promptly.

Plush can be contacted by phone using the contact details here:

After your initial contact with them, document who you spoke to, what was said and what was the agreed next step/resolution. Such information is needed should the claim need escalation to a more formal form in the future.

Hopefully the first contact you make Plush will respond and resolve promptly. Most business do, it is the minority which don’t which are often heard about.


Thank you for that advice. As I am elderly and cannot get to a Plush store I am relying on the phone and internet. I have drafted a formal letter of complaint to Plush and will post it snails mail. Regards, Llieda.


You don’t need to send snail mail. You can email if you are able to do that. At least with email you have a copy of the correspondence you can use later if the matter needs to be escalated. If you can not do emails, is there someone you could ask to do it on your behalf?

To strengthen your letter of complaint add photos that show the defects. The photos can be done with most smartphones, and printed off or attached to your email.


Thank you. I have sent several photos from my mobile to the Customer Care team,(what an oxymoron) over the past month and I will endeavor to send the email to head office with photos attached too. My neighbour collected and posted my letter just now, so I’m firing with both barrels. Regards, Llieda


An update on the defective sofa. After a Letter of Complaint was sent to Plush head office, and many emails later, they have agreed to send another technician to inspect the defects/faults in the sofa on 3rd May 2022.


Please give us an update after your visit from plush on 03 May.

Hello. I am really pleased to tell you that the second independent inspector agreed with my assessment of the shonky sofa in his report to Plush and a few days later they emailed me to say they would give me a full refund.( But they didn’t acknowledge their defective product and false advertising.) Cheers. Llieda


To date no word from them about when the sofa will be collected or when I can expect my refund. No reply to 2 emails either.


Hi @lliedaw, thank you for the update.

Keep us updated to how quickly Plush honour their offer for a refund and collection of the faulty sofa.

We hope it happens quickly for you and the matter is fully resolved.

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