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Latest warning From Scamwatch Lockdown Puppies. 17.05.2020

An article from scamwatch warning consumers about scams involving puppies.


An article with some examples of consumers who have been ripped off by these disgusting scammers.


NSW police have charged an alleged puppy scammer.


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An article regarding scammers ripping off people for non-existent puppies.

A lot of what is stated is the same as I have seen with the disgusting Bitcoin Scams where as soon as I get Google to shut down one scam ad, another appears with a different URL, although I have not seen any for the past 15 days.

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Unfortunately the provider of the service is not held responsible or accountable for the content they provide or the reliability and accuracy of the web links returned in searches.

Someone from Facebook infrequently appears and apologies for how the services customers have been treated. Sort of a mutual FacePlant cleansing of the soul moment. Following on somethings may change, only to revert to the default settings with the next update? Or so I’ve been told.

Google (Alphabet) seems to be a little better at avoiding those one to one personal moments. It prefers to anonymise it’s personal identity, but in a different way to how it anonymises it’s users data.

Many of us may be indirectly Alphabet investors. Blackrock products are common in super investments in US equities.

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I have always wondered why it seems the Advertising Standards don’t seem to apply to some multinational online advertising platforms like Google and Facebook.

As the Government is slowly introducing regulations for these platforms, possibly stringent regulation of online advertisements is also required to protect Australians from fraudulent , intentionally misleading and scam advertisements.

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As I posted in another topic, it appears that the scammers are simply hacking legitimate websites and Google is not actually posting the scam ads.