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Large rotary clothes line recommendation

Hello all,
Can anyone recommend a reliable large rotary clothes line that is on the market?
Prefer one made in Australia but I don’t think that is possible.
Thank you.


I cannot recommend one having a different form factor myself, but as for made in Australia? Here are some plucked from a site coming up on google.

Austral might be ‘the one’ for rotary though as all the shops seem to feature them?

My search was ‘made Australia rotary clothesline’


Looks like Austral will do the trick. I have the Daytek M48 MK2 now and it has not lasted long at all (4 years). Don’t have ‘proof of purchase’. Hope Austral is durable. Thanks for the links.


If you have any sort of proof that should suffice, eg a credit card statement showing the charge; if it was the single item the price should confirm the purchase date. The 25 years warranty might also be called in if the product line has not been sold for at least 25 years?

Some shops, like Bunnings, can often retrieve copies of sales dockets when asked, although maybe not back 4 years.

From the ACCC

Contact details are on their warranty page. It cannot hurt to give them a ring.


The clothesline came with the house when purchased. Previous owner did not leave the receipt. Didn’t think to ask for it. It was installed 2016.

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Rather than a new one, look on Gumtree for a second hand one. There are many who don’t appreciate the aesthetic value of a heavy duty galvanised Hoist in the backyard and want to get rid of them. The older ones are solid and should last a long time yet. Parts should also be available as well should they be needed.

Here is an example…

Clothes line Hills Hoist,

Just make sure it is an older one that looks like this…rather than the lighter weight modern one’s.


Hills Hoist! The original and best - as many, many adults can attest - because we used them to swing on (much to our parents’ despair!).


Whether you buy an Austral or the near identical Hills Heritage my parents achieved nearly 40 years out of the first Hills before moving home. I know of another that has been in place since 1955, but in need of some maintenance to the hoisting mechanism.


Hills are no longer Australian made. Note the final text in the Wikipedia entry.

‘As of 2018 Austral ClothesHoists[15] and Daytek Australia[16] are the only Australian manufacturers of rotary clotheslines.’

FWIW their website is

You may find this history interesting.

and a bit about the ownerships


My bad… I didn’t read the Wiki entry all the way through - apologies. Thanks for the other links though!


We had an Austral installed about 18 months ago, after a fallen tree destroyed our c.1960 Hills Hoist.

It was recommended by the installer, so I did a little research and couldn’t find many negatives about the brand. Thus far, we’re very happy with it.


Thank you very much for that feedback. Very helpful.

Each time I come on the Choice Community, I learn so much.

Thanks everyone!


We have an Austral Super 6… it is MASSIVE (like seriously, you can hang two queen size flat sheets side by side on one outer line of ONE QUARTER). Its about 9 years old now and still it tip top shape, despite a total lack of maintenance on any part of it, including the winding mechanism. Simple Galvanised finish.
Husband put it in with a LOT of concrete because of the size, but it has functioned beautifully as an anchor point for our trampoline in the recent WA storms!

The biggest noticeable difference between Hills and Austral rotaries is that with a Hills the line goes through a loop welded on top of the arm, while the Austral has holes drilled through through the arms.
100% happy with Austral, would very happily recommend.


Thank you.


I wouldn’t recommend any clotheline unless it has Galv. wire, Our Qld sun wrecks the plastic coated nylon ropes real quick, the plastic coated steel wires are no better as the plastic cracks then the wire rusts and fractures, no fun finding washing on the ground., cheers.