Laptops and tablets

I have just read the reviews of laptops and tablets and I wonder why there are no non-apple laptops/tablets with a resolution higher than 1920x1080 and none of the HP Envy or straight X360 laptops in there. I have one of each and they are fabulous. The x360 has a great screen resolution if you want a 30-inch screen attached and the Envy was cheap (comparatively). $2100 foldable with a 1TB SSD drive, Intel I7 and touchscreen. Pretty good value I think.
I understand the Apple laptops get great scores as they have a very high resolution but why not add a non-Apple laptop to compete with the same or similar resolution?
The acer laptops which are top of the pile simply cannot compete on resolution which means they are virtually unusable on a 30-inch screen (at least on mine).
This is not to say you are not doing a good job of comparing the units you have selected I just wish the selection was more versatile.


From personal experience with Windows notebooks with touch screens, smaller screens have become popular and as resolution goes up the utility of the touch goes down as the ‘hot spots’ get too small to accurately press. My last touch, a 13.3 ‘FHD’ Asus UX31A Touch was marginal in use and the keyboard was usually (not always) preferred to the touch. My new LG Gram 14" is not a touch screen and many consumers would avoid it because it is not. BTW, I love the Gram - the battery lasts almost forever (or so it seems), it is feather weight, and I would buy another in a heartbeat as it meets my needs extremely well - yet might be a big miss of others.

What is preferred by one may not work for another and there is a wide range of product out there and your point of

is what I essentially interpret as asking for a comparison that includes an ‘apple’ to an Apple (specwise, as close as it comes) and that makes sense.

Is there something more than fitting ‘what consumers are buying’ into the budget available?

@BrendanMays, @SteveDuncombe, one for you.