Kogan Power Bill Comparison Upload - did this happen to you?

Canstar Blue email -subject line ’ Amazing new deals emerge from July 1 energy price changes’ - I followed this Canstar link and my interest was piqued enough to ask my partner to look into it. He looked at the details on the Kogan Power website and was satisfied that it was a better deal for us. You will note the prominent invitation to ’ Upload your Electricity Bill and see how much you could save!’, which he did - only to receive the following:

. I am wondering if anyone else has done this and got/not got a response. There goes my name, address, etc - hmm…


Kogan’s site presented the following page.
The explanation at the bottom re privacy and use of the information is typical of many service providers.

Why Kogan could not respond with a quote, you would expect an explanation. Having to phone them? Did you provide a contact number for them to discuss with you?

It does appear a tactic to get you to enter a potentially higher pressure sales situation, person to person over the phone.

I’ve not followed through with Kogan. I have contacted a number of different retailers re better deals and get the occasional unsolicited call. Typically Energy Australia or Alinta in the past. They are generally all a right royal PITA to deal with. Whether they really need a current phone bill, I doubt it is essential. Although your location and metering details may be relevant, as well as an email to get the offer in writing.

There are a number of topics on the regular Choice web site with guidance on finding the best electricity deal.


I agree and Kogan has verified information from a potential customer…rather than one filling in details with false information…meaning potentially data from an untraceable source.

Having full contact details would be invaluable to them. I personally do not upload any bills etc to anyone online as the risks are too great.


No matter what electricity company your with generally they are all around the same

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Thank you, Mark, for your considered response. There is an update to this issue - although I’d be unable to demonstrate exactly what the relationship is between my partner’s inquiry to Kogan Power and the email I received today. This was from my provider, AGL, with the subject line - ‘Your energy plan quote’ and began -
Thanks for contacting us. You can find the details of our AGL Essentials electricity plan here . We hope you’ll join the many Australian households and businesses who’ve also chosen us for a great deal on their energy.
Thing is, I didn’t request a quote from them.
As an aside, perhaps, a few days after I’d paid my most recent power bill I received a ‘We’d love your feedback’ email from AGL - the theme of which was customer satisfaction. I did make some comments in there regarding their arbitrary cessation of a discount they’d used to keep my custom once before.
But I think it’s more to do with the fact that the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) recently announced a substantial cut to Default Market Offer for electricity, effective July 1st 2020.

Buzz, that was true the last time that I looked into switching, but doesn’t apply to this recent cut.
The cost per day of my old AGL plan was 7.10, their new offer is 5.50 a day. If I switch to Kogan I will pay 4.89. These amounts exlude GST and any discounts. This translates to my last AGL bill, which was 645.22 becoming 522.18 under their new offer. With Kogan it would have been 465.26. That difference is significant enough for me to go through processes which are tedious, time-consuming and frustrating. It also motivates me to alert others who might want to explore their options.
I’m left wondering if AGL bulk emailed all of their customers with a ‘requested quote.’ I suppose it’s cheaper than advertising.