Kmart Xmas Seniors Discount

When I visited our local Kmart to get an item for my wife’s sister on Monday, I asked the most helpful lady at the checkouts whether there was a seniors discount available.

She looked throught her paperwork and said that there was a 5% discount on Mondays and Wednesdays for December, so it would start on Wednesday, but she said that she would see if it worked that day.

Low and behold, it did work.

She did not ask me for any ID as she must have thought that I looked old and decrepit enough.

So all you other old fogeys can get the discount but apparently only if you ask at the checkout as I can find nothing on Kmart’s website on on Google.



Great tip. Thanks.


What a pity for me, I only go shopping via the Community bus on Thursdays. Oh well that’s life. Rosemary

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