Kmart moving into selling Whitegoods but online only

Was watching some news and it moved onto ACA. They had their typical ads using the cover that it was a story. Anyway, now Kmart are now offering whitegoods such as fridges. Very limited range as I could only find 9 items so far, not very big capacities and as far as I can tell anko (a Kmart house brand) branded products. Quality, reliability remain unknowns (certainly an “if” as they are so new) but prices are very cheap it appears (is it a reflection of quality of manufacture). Are Kmart by this attempting to fill, or cut out their share of, the cheapest end of the market?

Before they get to be popular items (again a big “if” as it is unknown how buyers will respond to them) are they worth a CHOICE assessment now to guide possible purchasers of whether worthwhile or not?