Kmart/Anko washing machine....Love or Hate?

Having been an early purchaser of an Anko 8 kg top loader I can give a fairly experienced review. Living in a town that has heavily mineralised bore water as the mains supply, washers, kettles, pressure washers etc, tend to have relatively short life spans so cheap is good as they have to be replaced regularly. I don’t mind how much water it uses because it all goes onto the garden (with appropriate laundry products in low quantities). It does a good wash and a great rinse. The only thing I take issue with is that it’s inner workings doesn’t like me altering the programmes. I was happy to pay the delivery fee because it was a lot less than it would have cost me in petrol to drive to the nearest regional centre to buy a more expensive washer from another retailer and the Kmart delivery was a lot less than the delivery fee from a well know store …looking at you HN. I’d buy another one :slight_smile: