Kitchen Warehouse Online , great customer service

Was looking around for a couple of new skillets for the kitchen this week . Decided on the SolidTeknics brand . Needed a 26cm and a 30cm . Everten Online my go to could supply me with the 26cm but not the 30 cm . I had not used KItchen Warehouse for awhile so checked their web site . Bingo , they had the 30cm’s in stock . /

Ran into an issue with PayPal on the purchase order , phoned KWO and wow within 20 seconds a real person answered me . Her name was Tori , she was so helpful in my placement of the order , was apologetic over the PayPal issue . Was really impressed . a half an our later another girl , I think it was Jenny , phoned me to confirm the order . So friendly , so pleasant . Unusual in this day and age . The skillet arrived today , 21-09-17 , as promised . Great Aussie made product and when I use it will think back to how pleasant the staff at KWO were to deal with . Kudos to them . Repeat customer for sure . That is what business is all about .


I’ve bee pondering a ‘good stories’ thread of some kind - somewhere one can post a good story and hopefully not have it negated by 5 bad stories - which might be fair in some ways, but I digress.

An aside first - thanks for the Kitchen Warehouse pointer. I’ve also used Everten Online and their service has been excellent and shipping competitive, but their stock can be short at times. Another is Your Home Depot. Subscribed to the Kitchen Warehouse emails now :slight_smile:

I had a recent experience with Peter Stevens motorcycles. Got home, many hours drive away and realised I had unmatched product - arguably my fault, should have checked. Sent an email with the details and within a couple of days I had both the replacement product in an express post bag and a return express post bag to return the unmatched product - all free of charge, all with no fuss.

Now it probably cost them $25 - which may have been the profit margin on that single product - but I’ve had great service from them in the last few years and probably spent 3-4k$ there for myself and other family members - it’s a fairly good way to make sure people are happy with the experience of dealing with them - I reckon it also gives them a credit, ie if they do fall short sometime in the future the customer will be more likely to see it more favourably …


True it would make you think better of them if they fall short in the future . It also means they realise that repeat business is the key to success .


Had a recent experience with KW that I would share. We bought a fermenter kit that appeared to be incomplete.
Went back to the store where every same item on the shelf was checked and confirmed as being the same.
The storeperson even called another branch and had them check in the same manner. Also went online while
we waited with the same result, that the component did not exist even though it was shown diagramatically of
the package. Excellent service and attention to detail, well done to Kitchen Warehouse


I have bought a couple of things from KW, though not recently. Their prices were competitive and I was impressed with their service.

I would buy from them again.


How is there return policy?

I’m always afraid of buying things I cannot feel nor see how it fits in. eg All Clad … the handle is too high, as they are commercial grade.

You pay return shipping for a change of mind.

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