Kids smart watches

Can anyone provide me some reasonable feedback about these 3 smartwatches? I am wanting to get one for my daughter for Christmas, but I am unsure which one?
THere are 3 I am looking at - I have downloaded the manuals (all PDF).



360 KIDS Smart watch E2 - $185

Can anyone please enlighten me on the differences? If there are any and if I get what I pay for or if the cheapest one is actually the best value for money? I am not interested in comparing with a mobile phone, so please don’t waste your time explaining the drawbacks of watches compared with phones…

Thanks everyone. Hope you can help!!

I just skimmed the info, but it seems to me that the 360 Kids is probably best, in the sense that it is a 4G watch. I did not see what was specified for the other two. The next hurdle is which bands are supported/needed for the SIM you plan to buy. I know that Telstra and resellers usually need Band 7 and 28, and the 360 watch doesnt have B28 (might not make a difference, depending where you are). Next to consider, do you want your child to have chat access (WeChat)… but be happy that there doesn’t seem to be a facebook app.

[edit] Kidocall has 4G so thats good… Theres a lot more info on the website Kidocall - Best Kids Smart Watch Australia - GPS Tracker - Free Delivery | Cactus
Watchipals FAQ says it too is 4G. Watchipals | Frequently Asked Questions | Best Smartwatch for Kids – Watchipals - First Smart Phone Watch For Kids
360Kids: 360 4G Kids Smart Watch E2 - Blue | Allphones

So generally, they are probably all just fine…

Thanks so much Sue. Appreciate the feedback. I will check the B28 issue.

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