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Keto Diet and Keto Supplement Tablets Scam

I happened to see today an advertisement (Google video ad) for Keto diet tablets which purported to be the same as the Keto diet, without the need for changing one’s diet. All one had to do was to take a tablet at 9.00am and each morning wake up to see the kilograms of fat disappear.

This is a scam…and after a bit of searching, there are a lot of scam keto diet tablets advertised online…

It also appears to the the next craze (con) in diet tablets.

Not only will they lighten your wallet, they might also result in far more damage to your health.

It would be good if Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple etc remove such advertisements when it is known that they are scams and could impact on the health of their users.

Maybe the regulators could consider revising Australia’s advertising laws to ensure that only safe products are advertised on these platforms.


Looks like it is similar to the disgusting Bitcoin Scams with fake endorsements…

My experience with Google, much to their credit, is that they do very promptly remove scam ads, but it requires somebody to register a complaint with Google Ads.

With the number of scam ads I have reported to Google this year, I might receive a parcel in the mail this Xmas.

I will just listen to make sure it is not ticking before I open it.


I’ve been following a keto lifestyle for 10 years & taking a supplement instead of real food would be the last thing I would take!


I have been reporting the advertisement constantly, however, the advertising agencies they are using to broadcast the advertisement through Google Ads is changing as rapidly as I am reporting them.

This does indicate that it is a sham operation.

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An article regarding Dr Brad McKay having been used in an online keto pill scam.

How disgusting is it that Facebook failed to intervene before being contacted by the ABC?

I have not been involved in reporting any scams on Facebook as I rarely ever look at anything on it but I have had great success in getting scam ads pulled on other websites.