KastKing Zephyr 1000 sfs Spinning Reel . This reel takes finesse fishing to another level

I have recently taken delivery of a KastKIng Kodiak 2000 reel with a view to doing some finesse fishing come October when the weather warms up . I was speaking to some American fishing friends who fish with ultra lite tackle and they gave me the heads up on the new Zephyr from KastKing .

They released a bait caster and a spinning reel and went the full monty on making them light weight . My Kodiak comes in at 350 grm . The Zephyr weighs 190 grm . They achieved this weight by using a carbon fibre frame and rotor assembly .

I am looking at an Ultra lite rod at the moment . Undecided which brand . The one thing I do know is the reel that will be matched to it . The Zephyr .

Just by the by finesse fishing originated in Japan where fishing pressure created an environment where the fish were timid to bite . Some anglers started to down size their gear i.e instead of 12lb line 4 lb line etc . 3 gm jig heads with a small piece of bait and some blue and white or red and white small feathers added became the norm . Rod actions a became light and smaller . Manufacturers started making dedicated light weight small reels .

The kayak fishing fraternity in America quickly saw the advantages of the finesse light weight tackle and were quick to adopt it to their style of fishing . Ultra lite and micro species fishing had existed in the US for years but now specialist gear was available feely to them. Australia and European countries have followed suit and the tackle manufacturers were quick to introduce specialist rods and reels to fill their needs .

The basic way to finesse fish is to flick the bait to where you think there are fish , polarising sun glasses helps here to see the fish in the water, and basically drop the jig head in front of the fish until it strikes . It may take more than one cast . Then the fun begins . Landing a fish with 2-4 lb line (1-2Kg) takes skill and " finesse " .Hence the name finesse fishing .

Come the warmer weather will post more on my fishing forays at the moment it is too cold . Good time of the year for surf fishing in Victoria but with travel restrictions due to Covid a no go at the moment .


Old is new again, with a twist?

Sounds much similar to the challenges of fishing for Luderick off the breakwater rocks. Small hooks, secret ways to tie the strands of weed for bait, a fine pencil float the line weighted with split shot, all with a ultra light whippy rod to balance out the light line 3-5lb depending on skill. Plenty of fight. Net landings mandatory. Catch and release, although those caught in the open ocean are more palatable than estuarine.


Hi Mark @mark_m I’ve spent many a day at the Gippsland Lakes chasing illusive Luderick . They are indeed hard to catch and would be classed as a 'Finesse " species .

Thanks for the input .


They love yabbies as well as weed just as a hint if they can be pumped in the area. Yabbies can also attract the Bream and whiting if the Luderick are being stubborn.


In Victoria we refer to them as Bass Yabbies Graham . I often pump them down at Altona Beach at low tide .

Thanks for the input .

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No worries fished the Ludes often off the rocks at Brunswick Heads NSW in my younger years and often did better on the little nippers than weed. Plus often got sand whiting and Bream at the same time. Luderick seemed more aggressive on them as well with bites more than the suck.