Kaden ducted reverse cycle air conditioning/heating

Hello Community,
First post.
I have a question about Kaden the air conditioning company
really. I have never heard of them, has anyone else? And if so, what has been your experience?.
The reason I ask this question as a friend of ours, who is having a new house built, just found out they
have been robbed - taking all the stuff - Samsung ducted A/C unit,
sinks, lights (still in boxes) etc. Apparently one of their new-to-be
neighbours said she had seen the sliding door left open (at times
maybe?). So obviously the builders fault I would think. I had told her previously I was a member of Choice if she needed advice.

                    Anyway, I digress, the reason for the question

is that the builder says that the supplier etc. can’t get the model they
had but said they will install a Kaden KD-48 model instead.

                    As I said, I have never heard of them, but

apparently they are part of Reece or something. Some online comments are
very favourable (of course), but I can’t really find a mention on any
of the usual comparison sites, they don’t mention Kaden at all - just
all the usual suspects (brands in this space).

    As I said, has anyone have more info me?

    Thanks in advance,


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It’s important in the circumstance to clarify what the contract with the builder specifies. Is the ducted air conditioning specified in the contract as Samsung? Alternately the ducted system may have been agreed as an added item or a PC item specified by the purchaser. The contract may be silent as to the brand, although some would say that is less likely.

Until the owner takes possession back fr the builder on completion the problem belongs to the builder to supply what was agreed, to maintain a secure site and complete the build to schedule.

This does not answer is a Kaden supplied brand as good as a Samsung. There may be time pressure to see the build completed. Is there an option to have the ducted system installed ducts etc as far as possible and the balance of Samsung equipment installed when it becomes available?

Kaden air conditioning equipment is a brand sold by Actrol which is part of Reece.


It is worth your friend checking what the building contact and specifications say in relation to:

  • what is delivered under the contract (is the type of air conditioner specified)?

If the Samsung was specified, then:

  • what happens if there is a variation to the contract (such as changing the specification of what is to be delivered)?
  • what processes under the contract are there to resolve disputes (such as deciding to reject the offer to vary the contract to deliver a different air conditioning unit)?
  • what is the impact of delays under the contract (if the air conditioner can’t be installed in time)?

These questions need to be considered and addressed before one decides to accept a different air conditioner to that originally expected. If the Samsung air conditioner was specified, it is important to then understand what the variation under the contract means. If if Kaden is accepted, and it happens to be a cheaper or more expensive air conditioner unit, consideration may also need to be given under the contract as well.

The airconditioner being stolen is irrelevant to the contract, only relevant to the builder (as the builder appears to be in possession of the building site). The builder may be trying to minimise losses by offering alternatives.


Thanks for that info. I don’t know what was specified in the contract, but she did want to know was Kaden better/worse than Samsung.
Yes, I forgot to mention that in my research I had discovered that Kaden was born out of Reece. As as I said, as far as I could tell people were happy with Kaden - some of them after being referred to Kaden by friends.


Kaden is a ‘house’ brand, in the same way Ozito is a brand unique to Bunnings. Kaden appears to be a recent trademark and is sold through Reece Australia owned HVAC wholesale business Actrol. There is very little brand history or depth of reviews on line of the product. The few that are offer mostly first impressions. It’s not a brand that has featured in the Choice Consumer Brand Reliability Surveys.

There are consumers happy with house brands. Aldi, Kmart, Bunnings, Super Cheap, Kogan etc all do it. The outcomes seem to vary.

General Comment:
For a ducted system the quality of the installation and correct specification are equally important. It’s unlikely the average consumer has the experience and knowledge to judge either. The real test of a quality ducted system comes after many summers and winters of trouble free operation.

If it was my purchase decision. The quality and reputation of the system designer and specialist ducted system installer would for a ducted system be of greatest importance. Out of consumer ignorance I’d approach several and listen to their proven brand recommendations. I’d be looking for brands well established with a good reputation. It’s an expensive decision to get wrong. I’m also risk adverse.


Thanks for that info, very helpful.
Yes, I was a bit sceptical that I couldn’t find much info about them or reviews.
I’ll pass on the info and she can do with it what she will.

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