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Jump/position to end of thread


This may not be one of the pressing problems in Discourse, but.

Sometimes ‘we’ find relevant threads using the search function, and sometimes those threads are known to us from past times and have many posts. Clicking on a thread from the ‘catalogues’ positions to the last post we read, but going through the search return list positions at the beginning.

Sometimes we do not pay attention to a thread for a while and many posts build up but we do not want to read them all, same scrolling to skip them.

Scrolling through to the end can be (to be kind) irritating in (esp) mega-threads. It would be nice if there was a button to ‘position to last post’ after entering any thread.


It can be done using the time bar on the right of the posts. If you are in the middle of the thread, click on the label (e.g. 1h ago) at the bottom of the timeline bar and this will take you to the last post (which was 1 hour ago).


How simple and obvious was that? I am embarrassed! The last post time shows up in different places in different views, but seems to always be visible somewhere.




I had the same irritation as Phil, but I used to drag the time bar down. Your solution is much easier.



I just hit the ‘end’ button on the keyboard :rofl: ‘home’ button goes to the top. ‘page up’ and ‘page down’, well …


I still miss the gold key on my VT-131 …


My newfangled BT keyboard does not have those. Could be one of those ‘dark’ features you need :wink:


Works for desktops/laptops, but unfortunately smart phones and tablets lack an end button…

For smart phones and tablets, one can still click on label at the end of the timeline.


Not even on the numeric keypad? my little K400’s on the PI’s even have them (dual purpose) …


…depends if you have newfangled BT keyboard :wink:

In lieu of those keys it has volume controls, brightness controls, BT host selection, and all sorts of cannot do without useful functionality :roll_eyes: as well as backlit keys, the reason I have it.

I got my old dark wifi keyboard from the drawer and it has all the good stuff including volume controls, but no backlit keys nor brightness controls. Ah, first world problems…

Neither of them have keypads. They are smaller than standard.

Logitech K810 and Microsoft Arc.



should do an end :wink: left for home, up for pg up and down for pg down on the Logitech? and doesn’t the arc have those keys along the top with the function keys?


They’ve obviously been ‘blue-pencilled’.


is not ‘a’ key :slight_smile: