Join our milk myth busting campaign

Have you been boycotting supermarket private label milk to help farmers?

Our latest analysis has found the $1 a litre milk boycott, which is seeing consumers swapping cheaper supermarket private label fresh milk for premium brand products such as Dairy Farmers, will see consumers spending an additional $113.7 million with no guarantee this will be passed on to farmers.

If you would like to know where your milk money is going, join us and ask milk producers to come clean:

While we wait for the processors to come clean on your milk money, here are three ways you can support Australian dairy farmers:
• Buy Australian dairy products, irrespective of brand.
• Buy branded milk if your budget allows (but if not, buy private label milk rather than no milk at all).
• Buy directly from a local processor - or better still a farmer at your local farmers’ market - if you have the option.


Great campaign and have shared with many similar thinking friends.

It is unfortunate in today’s age that it is easy to point the finger (e.g. all the supermarkets), without fully understanding the real underlying factors affecting farm gate prices for all agricultural commodities.

I have been concerned recently that the advertising by some of the milk producers indicate that buying their branded milk helps Australian’s support their local dairy industry, then their dairy farmers are no better off irrespective of the label on the milk bottle ( namely get the same farm gate price for all milk produced).

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I buy Norco Milk, it is an Australian Milk Co-op in Northern NSW. Their products are great and as it is a Co-op the money moves back to the dairy farmers and their communities.

Slow, but they got there.


Canada. Your milk money is going to Canada …


It will not be long before the scavenger hunts will have ‘find anything produced in and owned by an Australian’…


I guess someone will have to redesign some logos and packaging …

Probably could do with some website design too - from

I reckon the one on the right is ‘lactose free’ … :rofl:


An article about two directors of the old company. The Federal Court found them guilty of “failing to inform investors the company was not going to meet its financial targets”.

They each received a fine one of $30,000 the other of $20,000 which was to pay the legal costs of ASIC. They were also banned from being directors of companies for the next 3 years for one of them and 2 years for the other…but they don’t need to leave their director jobs of the companies they are already in. Make sense of that one if you like. Can’t be Directors but continue being Directors just don’t look for new jobs for the next couple of years. I’d laugh at it as a joke if it wasn’t probably seen as contempt of Court for doing so.